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These are the "starter trees" for T10, a citrus tree that grows with no parent citrus trees nearby:
Starter 1.png Starter 2.png

Weight 1
Bulk 1


  • Citrus Trees produce one Citrus fruit about every 8 real life hours and are attached to Indonesian Bee Hives.
  • Up to a maximum of 5 fruit can be built up before it will need to be gathered so that more can be produced.


Citrus Trees have 4 statistics that determine what type of fruit is produced:

  • Color
  • Sweetness
  • Size
  • Length

When a citrus tree first grows, two other (citrus) trees within range (15-20 coords) are chosen to be the "parents" to determine the variety of the new tree. If no parent trees are within range, a Tangy Shangjuan or Long Etrog will grow.

Growing Info

Every Citrus Tree has an option to "mulch" it or chop it down. In an hour of real time, a new tree will grow and will search for any citrus trees in range to act as parents as above. Using this method, you can have 3 trees together, mulch one of them, and it will re-grow using the other 2 trees as parents. This seems to be an effect similar to crossbreeding. There is also a random element involved in what new type of tree grows. Mulching the same tree multiple times will normally produce a number of different new types, depending on the variety of tree surrounding it.

Knowing the numbers for the statistics of the tree type you want, you can mix trees together, mulching unneeded trees (duplicates or types you don't want) with stats furthest away from your target tree, driving the orchard stats closer and closer to your goal. Additional information on this can be found on the Citrus Tree Data page.

Citrus Fruit Types

In Tale 9, there were 26 species of citrus fruit: (please confirm types for T10)

  • Amanatsu (T10 confirmed)
  • Buddha's Hand
  • Calamondin (T10 confirmed)
  • Citron
  • Coralfruit
  • Corian
  • Etrog (T10 confirmed)
  • Grapefruit
  • Iyokan (T10 confirmed)
  • Kabosu (T10 confirmed)
  • Kinnow (T10 confrimed)
  • Kumquat (T10 confirmed)
  • Lemon (T10 confirmed)
  • Lenat (T10 confirmed)
  • Lime
  • Mandarin (T10 confirmed)
  • Orange (T10 confirmed)
  • Oroblanco
  • Pummelo (T10 confirmed)
  • Rangpur (T10 confirmed)
  • Shangjuan (T10 confirmed)
  • Sudachi
  • Summerbell (T10 confirmed)
  • Tangelo (T10 confirmed)
  • Tangerine (T10 confirmed)
  • Yuzu (T10 confirmed)

There are 8 different adjectives used to describe the particular type of fruit:

  • Flat
  • Large
  • Long
  • Small
  • Greenish
  • Reddish
  • Sweet
  • Tangy

This means there are 216 different types of citrus fruit in all. Examples: Flat Tangelo, Greenish Lime, Sweet Lenat. Starting in Tale 9, any of these kinds of citrus could be requested for the Test of Festivals


Citrus fruit is used to make Simple Perfume for the Test of Festivals and the Test of Ritual Mummification
Once Perfuming is available, ten citrus fruits of the same kind can be converted into one perfume, and they can be stored more compactly.



  • 50 Sweet Lemons
  • 50 Large Limes
  • 50 Tangy Mandarins
  • 50 Small Coralfruit
  • 50 Sweet Tangelo
  • 50 Large Tangerines
  • 50 Long Corians
  • 50 Sweet Pummelo