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Test of Ritual Mummification

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The Test of Ritual Mummification
The Test of Ritual Mummification
(Test - Worship)
Other Requirements


Assist the Scientists at the Great University of Worship in the care of the recently deceased. Form a ritual group to prepare the body for the afterlife physically and spiritually and lay them to rest in a sanctified Ka Tomb.

Test Description

Form a ritual group with 3 other priest. The lead priest may obtain a cadaver from the Great University of worship and each Priest then helps to prepare the body for the afterlife. After preparations are approved by the university mortician, each Priest will then be given part of the burial ritual. Each priest must perform the entire ritual in the correct order at the specified altar to prepare the spirit for the afterlife. Finally the deceased is laid to rest in a sanctified Ka Tomb. Complete 7 rituals to advance.


Physically and spiritually prepare the recently deceased for the afterlife.

  • Create some Embalming Fluid
  • Weave a bandage on a loom
  • Perform one full ritual (does not require a Ka Tomb which has passed the test)

Test Details

(Note, this is being assembled from memory, by a player who last participated in the test about 6 months ago. Please edit for accuracy, thank you! Peacefulness)

Part One: Preparing the Cadaver for Burial

  • All participants must have started the Test of Ritual Mummification at a University of Worship.
  • Priest 1 starts a group. Priests 2-4 click on Priest 1 to join. The order in which they are accepted determines which priest they are.
  • Priest 1 requests a cadaver at the University of Worship. At this time, they will receive a pop-up with the details of the four steps that need to be completed to prepare the cadaver for burial. This is a good time to evaluate whether the specific materials are available, before they return to camp with the cadaver. Through their test menu, Priest 1 treats the cadaver with up to 100 db of salt and passes it to Priest 2.
  • Priest 2 embalms the cadaver through their test menu. The embalming fluid is made from three specific ingredients, at a Kitchen, under its Recipes menu. It takes 10 minutes to cook. After embalming the cadaver they hand it to Priest 3.
  • Priest 3 scents the cadaver with one db of Simple Perfume. It is made from 10 db of a specific citrus, at a Kitchen, through its Recipes menu and takes 10 minutes to cook. Once the cadaver is perfumed, they pass it to Priest 4.
  • Priest 4 wraps the cadaver, through their test menu, using up to 20 Bandages. Each bandage is made from 5,000 thread at a loom. Then Priest 4 passes it back to Priest 1.
  • Priest 1 returns to the University of Worship with the mummified cadaver and presents it to the Scientists for approval. If all steps have been done exactly as prescribed, the group will be given the details of the ritual to be completed for part two of the test.

Part Two: The Ritual

In their test menu, each priest in the group will receive one step of a four-part ritual. The ritual is done by each of the four priests. In total, it is a 16-step ritual, with parts 1-4 done by Priest 1, parts 5-8 done by Priest 2, and so on. Priest 1 must figure out in what order the four parts need to be done, through trial and error. Until Step 1 is completed, all other actions are ignored. Chatting in Main does not create problems.

First, the group must gather the needed materials, and then meet at a specified common altar to perform the ritual. They will need:

  • The four prayers, exactly as stated in their instructions. Some groups find it helpful to build four common signs at the altar. The priest with the prayers will carefully type one prayer on each sign, and then each priest can copy the sign text to their clipboard and paste it into Main at the appropriate time.
  • The materials to build one Spirit Brasier at the common altar, plus at least 20 db of the Spirits required. Extra Spirits are recommended, if possible.
  • Four sets of sacrificial items. The test can call for almost any items that a player can carry in their inventory.
  • The materials needed to build an outdoor Incense Burner Four pieces of incense (preferably more), at or above the quality called for, and with certain attributes.

When determining the proper order of the four steps, some strategy can be used. Priest 1 must receive a flyaway after each step before Priest 2 starts.

  • Figure out what the first step of the ritual needs to be. After completing the first step, there will be a flyaway. It can sometimes be delayed, so give it time.
    • Start with the prayer. Check every part of it carefully. It must be accurate in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and spaces.
    • If there is no flyaway after the prayer, then try to sacrifice the item by clicking on the altar. If the Sacrifice is step one, it will be removed from inventory, and there will be a flyaway. If it is still in inventory, then something else needs to be done first.
    • If there is extra incense available, try burning a piece next. Watch for the flyaway to confirm that it is the current step that needs to be done. If there is no flyaway or message in Main, snuff out the incense.
    • If the above three steps have not produced a flyaway, then the first step must be burning Spirits in the Spirit Brasier. Once lit the Spirits cannot be extinguished and will burn for two minutes. They will not interfere with other steps, but the next priest will need to wait for them to burn out before they light theirs.
  • Still not getting a flyaway? Its time to go through things with a fine-toothed comb, as they say. Ask each Priest to recheck the requirements they were given. Make sure the prayer is being typed in Main, exactly as written in the instructions. Be sure that the sacrifice is exactly what is requested. Double check the attributes and the quality of the incense. Be sure you are really lighting the correct Spirits.
  • Once you receive a flyaway and message in Main, you have discovered which of the four steps has to be done first. Make a note of it and repeat the above steps with the remaining items to determine what order the four steps need to be done in. Those four steps will be the same for all for priests.
  • After the flyaway has been produced for all four steps for Priest 1, then Priest 2 can do those four steps, in the same order that was successful for Priest 1. The same is true for Priests 3 and 4.
  • Until Priest 1 completes steps 1–4, and gets those four flyaways, all other actions are ignored and will not produce flyaways.
  • Once the Ritual has been successfully completed by all four priests, they will all receive a flyaway stating this, and Principles will be passed, if they have not been completed already.

Part Three: The Burial

After each of the four priests has successfully completed the four steps of the ritual, everyone will get a flyaway that the burial ritual has been successfully finished. It is now safe to salvage the spirit brasier, incense burner, and signs. One member of the group needs to take the cadaver to any sanctified Ka Tomb. A Ka Tomb is considered sanctified once its builder has passed the Test of Ka. Clicking on the tomb will give the option to bury the cadaver there. Once this has been done, each priest receives credit for one completed burial.

Passing the Test

Seven completed rituals are needed to pass the test.