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Explosives are made in an upgraded Chemistry Laboratory. It does not need to have a macerator or an alcohol lamp, but it needs to have all glassware installed. It is recommended to make some q1 glassware to use for making explosives. Requires Chemistry Recipe - Explosives and Chemistry 2 (Skill).

Making explosives is extremely time and material intensive due to the resulting lab mishaps that will occur so be prepared for this.


Volatile Explosives

Low Explosives

High Explosives


  • Making explosives starts a Constitution timer. (82 seconds at con 3, 58 seconds @ con 7)
  • Be prepared for lots of failed attempts (which will use up your mat's)!
  • Damage to surrounding structures, including the lab, and glassware will occur so have high Structure Repair and extra glassware available.
  • You are unable to remove explosives from the lab if it is damaged below a condition of GOOD.


Volatile explosives can detonate at any time. They can explode when standing still and doing nothing having it in your pocket. Malard has confirmed on Discord that using the Walking emote is safer than using the Running emote, but there is a timer which fires every 5 minutes to check whether the explosives should explode and this happens even if the avatar is not moving at all.

Low explosives require an Explosives Handling skill of 3 or more and are needed for two types of constructions for Test of the Seven Phoenix

Any type of explosive can be used in a Detonation Box:

  • 100 High Explosives + 100 Medium Stones = 1000+ Gravel scattered over a very wide area. There might have been more I just didn't find them.
  • 100 Low Explosives + 100 Medium Stones = 2500 Gravel stays in the box.
  • 100 Volatile Explosives + 100 Medium Stones = 2500+ Gravel scattered in 6-200+ piles over a wide area.
  • (Can use a minimum of 40 explosives for a proportional amount of gravel/medium stones-I had 100 stones loaded when I detonated 40 low explosives, the 60 excess stones were still in the box afterwards ~ Lilyoptra 8/2/16)

Research and Tuition

  • 200 Volatile explosives required for Detonation research
  • 100 Low explosives required for Detonation research
  • 50 High explosives required for Detonation research



As a courtesy, label the Explosives Compound as such so that someone doesn't come along later and build nearby.


You need to build a separate compound for an explosive's chemistry lab with no other structures nearby. Mishaps will happen frequently while creating explosives, causing damage to the lab and any other structures in the surrounding area. You DO NOT want this to happen in your regular compound!

With a Cornerstone installed, no damage occurs to the compound after a lab mishap. (No damage will occur to the compound with or without a Cornerstone installed. -Silentdeth)

As tempting as it is, don't build any storage at the explosives compound. It will just get damaged, you won't be able to get anything out of it while damaged, and it will just be one more thing that requires repair - not worth it.

You need to have Structure Repair 7 skill when trying to make explosives. (I was only able to successfully make 1, sometimes 2, repairs at level 2). Unsuccessfully repairing a structure starts a 60-second rest timer. Note: Even with Structure Repair 7, it can take many attempts to repair a structure even one level. Worst case, repairing just the lab after a major mishap can take dozens of attempts and an hour or two of time.

If you are able (and willing) to use Macros, the Simon macro on Automato can be useful for repairing the lab. I set it to a large number of passes with a timer of 75k ms (to allow for lag and Pluri/Teppy Time) and have it running even when I am using the lab to continue to raise the condition.

Repairing an expedition site (and presumably chariots) takes the following base materials, each with a multiplier of N. It's currently unknown how N is calculated, but seems to be a non-linear function of the amount of explosives used to blow up the expedition site.

Bricks Boards Rope Canvas Cut Stone Cable (Steel...Iron...?)
N * 222 N * 120 N * 115 N * 55 N * 13 N * 7

Explosives Handling

The first time a player tries to make some volatile explosives in a chemistry lab, he or she gets the explosives handling skill.

  • Volatile explosives can be made by anyone.
  • Low explosives requires Explosives Handling 3 to make.
  • High explosives requires Explosives Handling 5 to make.

These numbers are from a chem lab without any calibration, just low q glassware. (L2 calibration @ handling 5 still produces 2 low explosives on success—Lyo).

  • At handling 1 and 2, 1 volatile explosive on success.
  • At handling 3, 2 low or volatile explosives on success.
  • At handling 4, 2 low or volatile explosives on success.
  • At handling 5, 2 high or low or volatile explosives on success.
  • At handling 6, 3 high or low or volatile explosives on success.
  • At handling 7, 3 high or low or volatile explosives on success.
  • At handling 8, 4 high or low or volatile explosives on success.
  • At handling 9, 4 high or low or volatile explosives on success.

At handling 1 and 2, the only think you can make is Volatile Explosives, and there are several possible outcomes from an attempt to make VE:

  • A VE is made and handling is increased one step
  • A VE is made, but handling stays the same
  • No VE is made, handling stays the same, and no bad consequences
  • No VE is made, handling stays the same, and an explosion occurs that damages all nearby buildings and might possibly destroy one or more glassware in the lab

Expect something like 30 attempts to get handling 2, meaning 60 Set's Compound Extract.

At handling 1, most attempts will fail and result in an explosion with damage, so prepare to spend most of the time waiting for the one minute timer of Structure Repair. Having multiple avatars with repair nearby is a good idea.

At handling 2, most attempts will silently fail to make any VE without any explosions, so expect to spend most of the time waiting for the constitution timer to make more VE. +CON food is a good idea.


From T7: Jay's Chemlab Guide

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Test of the Seven Phoenix

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