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Test of the Seven Phoenix

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The Test of the Seven Phoenix
The Test of the Seven Phoenix
(Test - Architecture)
Demonstration Cost

Construct as many Phoenix as possible in a short time. By enlisting the aid of other architects, you will progress far faster.

Test Description

The Test of Seven Phoenix will challenge your skills as a contractor, not a laborer. When the Hour of the Phoenix arrives, you'll be given a number of glorious Phoenix Statues that you must ensure get built at specific Phoenix parks throughout Egypt. Complete all seven within an hour for maximum score. If you waypoint travel during the Hour, you will be disqualified from that hour. No Egyptian may build more than a single statue in a given hour, and no Egyptian who has travelled during the hour may build. A minimum score of 21 is required to have the possibility of advancement.

Task List


The Hour of the Phoenix is scheduled every day of the week, with a random time each day, based on the eastern United States, this may mean that some days you see two times, and other days none. You can review the exact times the hour will begin by looking at the Calendar.

During the Phoenix hour, a list of seven random phoenix locations will be allocated as being the targets to build at during the hour. Every player will get the same list of parks, which can be viewed by clicking on the Phoenix icon in the Calendar whilst it shows as Green (the hour is active). These parks are randomly allocted at the start of the phoenix hour, and the list is not known in advance.

A list of Phoenix Statue requirements will be published at any School of Architecture, which gives a personalised list of which types of phoenix is acceptable for each phoenix location. Details on the costs to construct can be viewed on the Phoenix Statue page.

The hour lasts for one duck hour (aka Teppy Hour, equates to 3 Egypt-hours or just over 1 real life hour)

Only the first phoenix built will be counted towards that phoenix hour. If you try to build a second phoenix, you will get a message and the materials will be dropped on the ground.

It is possible to build a phoenix for yourself.

You must not use a waypoint, chariot or expedition travel for the full hour if you are the recipient of the phoenix, and those building a phoenix will not be able to use a waypoint, a chariot or expedition travel prior to building a phoenix.

Spousewarp is allowed at anytime during the hour by either spouse.

If ownership of a statue is passed to someone who has travelled, that person may transfer ownership to someone else without invalidating the points. In other words, only the original builder and the final recipient need not to have travelled. Note that this is only likely to be useful in the event of typing the wrong name (e.g. the delivery person instead of the intended recipient), as different architects all likely require different phoenix types in each stadium.

Travelling to/from the Spirit Arena is allowed.

At the end of a Hour of the Phoenix, all Phoenix built burn to nothing (Phoenix are fleeting).

Be aware: Project Management 1 is required to build a phoenix statue (same as for medium construction site).


Points are allocated for the first correct type at each park (extra phoenix of the same type will not count, and display "Phoenix X at Park Already got credit for this park" in the summary)

Number of Correct Phoenix during hour Points scored
1 1
2 4
3 9
4 16
5 25
6 36
7 49


  • From the time the hour starts until the System announcement that the hour has ended, no waypoint travel, chariot travel or expedition travel is allowed. Spousewarp travel is allowed.
  • A player can build a statue for themselves, and is routinely done (you are able to run half the map in the hour with good food)
  • No Egyptian may build more than a single statue in a given hour. If you want points for more than one statue, you'll have to get other people to build each additional statue and give them to you (similar to the Test of Towers).
  • At the end of a Hour of the Phoenix, all Phoenix built burn to nothing (Phoenix are fleeting).
  • Only one of any type of bird is allowed per location. Extra birds of the same type will give zero credit.


At the end of the Hour of the Phoenix, you will receive n^2 points, where n is the number of statues built. This means 1 point for a single Phoenix, 4 for two, etc. up to a max of 49 points for building all 7 Phoenix in a single hour.

Passing the Test

The three Architects with the highest number of points will pass the test each week.