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Chemistry Laboratory

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Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory
15 x 13
Cost to Build
Boards 900
Clay Mortars 1
Copper Sheeting 5
Glass Jars 50
Glass Rods 20
Nails 214
Rope 19
Wooden Peg 10
Wooden Pestle 1


This building becomes available after you have learned the Chemistry 0 (Skill) skill.

Note: If a lab will be used for making explosives it should be built in a separate compound far from other buildings. The Explosives page has further details.


Built in a Compound. Uses 13x15 cells.

(Lets you make Arsenic, Gunpowder and Ink)


Tech required: Chemistry 3

Level 1

"Upgrade this bench to allow advanced reactions"

(Lets you make Papyrus Strips)
(Add Glassware (which lets you calibrate it) to make Gear Oil, Potash Ointment, Lime Emulsion, Acid Extract, Gem Glue and Explosives)

Level 2

This upgrade is only visible if you have an Essential Macerator in your inventory

"Upgrade this bench to allow essence creation"

Alcohol Lamp

The Alcohol Lamp must first be assembled using a Crafting Bench. It requires:


Install one each of the following:

Chemistry Labs require a level 1 upgrade to be able to install glassware.

Labs used to make Explosives do not need high quality glassware. A quality of 1 is sufficient.

Glassware of specific quality will allow for the lab to be calibrated. Calibrated labs give increased powdered gem yield, increased litmus strip solution, and require fewer essences per essential compound.

Calibration level 1 requires the glassware to have an average quality exactly divisible by 100 (rounded down), and an average quality above 7000.

For calibration level 2 the average quality of the glassware must be exactly 7000, rounded down. (The sum of the glassware quality must be between 35000 and 35004). It reduces the cost of an essential compound from 70 debens to 40 debens.

For calibration level 3 the average quality of the glassware must be exactly 8000 or 9000, rounded down. (The sum of the glassware quality must be between 40000 and 40004, or 45000 and 45004). It reduces the cost of an essential compound from 70 debens to 35 debens

It is STRONGLY recommended that if you are going to calibrate a lab, you calibrate it to level 3. The amount of time and resources saved for a level 3 lab vs a level 2 or level 1 lab is well worth the potential extra outlay costs.

Additional Information

You will not get any upgrade stuff back when you salvage an upgraded Chem Lab at salvage level 7.



Product Qty Made Recipe Upgrades Reqd Timer
Arsenic 1 1 Set's Compound Extract, 100 Lead Ore, 1 Sulfuric Acid None None
Bonemeal 3 1 Animal Bones Wooden Pestle None
Gunpowder 10 1 Charcoal, 1 Sulfur, 10 Saltpeter None Constitution: 12 sec
Ink 20 5 Salts of Iron, 5 Charcoal, 20 Oil None Constitution: 7 sec
Papyrus Strips 8 1 Papyrus Paper Level 1 None
Reaction Flux 6 25 Bonemeal, 3 Sulfuric Acid, 5 Compound Extract (Set, Thoth, or Ra's Brilliant) ? ?
Gear Oil 6 100 Oil, 50 Petroleum, 5 Compound Extract (Maat, Set, or Osiris) Level 1 + Glassware None
Potash Ointment 6 50 Water, 25 Sulfuric Acid, 5 Compound Extract (Geb, Maat, or Set) Level 1 + Glassware None
Lime Emulsion 6 50 Water, 10 Bauxite, 5 Compound Extract (Maat, Set, or Osiris) Level 1 + Glassware None
Acid Extract 6 25 Water, 10 Glass Jars, 2 Glass Pipe, 5 Compound Extract (Osiris, Thoth, or Ra) Level 1 + Glassware None
Gem Glue 1 10 Water, 25 Gypsum, 10 Mandibular Glue 5 Compound Extract (Set, Osiris or Thoth) Level 1 + Glassware None
Explosives 50 Gunpowder, 10 Aluminum Powder, 2 Compound Extract (Set, Osiris, or Thoth) Level 1 + Glassware Constitution
Essences varies Varies Level 2 + Alcohol Lamp 2 teppyminutes
Essential Compound 1 5 unique Essences Level 2 None
Compound Extract 3 1 Essential Compound with specific properties Level 2 None
Litmus Test 22 drops Powdered Gems and other stuff, see Litmus Test Level 2 Complicated
Ecology Survey Kits 5 Kits 10 Charcoal, 10 Cactus Sap, 2 Sulphurous Water, 10 Dried Flax, 10 Copper Wire, 4 Cabbage Juice, 10 Buttermilk, 4 Salt Water, 10 Board, 5 Glass Jars None ?
Silkworm Unguent 1 100 Compost, 10 Arsenic, 2 Ra's Compound Extract ? ?
Elixir of Travel (Milky) 1 1 Cobra Blood, 1 Powdered Aqua Pearl, 5 Oil None 1 hour travel time
Mushroom Lab 1 1 Revelation Solvent (Cloudy), 1 Jar of Spores None ?

Powdered Gems

Used for Test of the Ritual Tattoo and certain Essences.

You must have the gems in your inventory in order to see the option on the lab.

Powdered gem yield (and experience) is multiplied by (1 + the precise calibration level of the lab). At calibration 3 (maximum known), yields are multiplied by 4.

Gem Size Quantity Made
Huge 7
Large 4
Medium 2
Small 1
Cuttable 1
Cut Gem (Any Cut) 1

The wooden pestle breaks after some number of powderings (around 25) and has to be replaced.

Note: A Gem Cutting Table installed with a Gem Shearing Chisel can turn any gem into an average of 3.5 (1-7) gems of the next smaller size. Breaking down bigger gems into small will yield more powder than powdering them directly. Be aware that fracturing and pulverizing only a single gem increases the probability of a lower (or higher) than average yield

For example, using 1 huge gem in a lab with calibration 3:


  • 1 Huge * 7 * 4 = 28 gem powder

After fracturing and pulverizing (average yield):

  • 1 huge * 3.5 = 3.5 large gems
  • 3.5 * 3.5 = 12.25 med gems
  • 12.25 * 3.5 = 42.87 small gems
  • 42.87 * 4 = 171.5 gem powder