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Fish Roe

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Fish Roe
Fish Roe
Weight 1
Bulk 1


Fish Roe is a rare drop when Filleting a Fish

Only obtainable from the current spawning fish.


1 Fish

NOTE: The fish varies with fishing seasons, and not always available. Filleting skill does not affect roe production from said fish. ?


Research and Tuition

Required By

Skill/Filleting/1, Skill/Filleting/2, Skill/Filleting/3, Skill/Filleting/4

Produced By


Each season, a different set of fish will provide roe. Please add more fish if you know more.

Season Fish Lures Notes
Akhet I
Akhet II
Akhet III
Akhet IV Reticulated Toothfish
Peret I
Peret II Yellowfin Snapper Red Cricket
Peret III White Oniontail
Peret IV
Shemu I
Shemu II Malapeterus, octopus, amur pike
Shemu III Camelfish Pickel Slug Near 06:00
Shemu IV Shelomit's Puffer Blister Beetle 1:05am