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This is a summary table of all fish discovered in A Tale in the Desert 10. Fish are a Resource that can be obtained via the Fly Fishing skill and are used in Cooking.

In order to catch fish, you need to have learned the Fly Fishing skill at a School of Body. When you purchase the skill, the scientists will give you a Basic Fly Rod.

Fly Tying must be learned from a School of Worship to create Lures. When you have a Fly Rod equipped and are near water, a new gathering button will appear. Above the new button is another button to show your current lure and allow you to equip a different one. You must have a lure equipped to fish.

All freshly caught fish will go under the Whole Fish category in your inventory, labeled "<Fish type> (weight in db)" if a special fish and with just the fish type otherwise, for instance "Abdju" or "Horned Pigfish (16 db)". They all weight 1 db and take 20 bulk in your inventory.

Lures and locations

Fish Rarity Lure(s) Location(s)
Abdju Common Glass Worm, Horned Hookworm, Mud Asp, Pickel Slug, Red Cricket, Slime Moth Blue Nile, Giza, Swenett (lake), Bernike (Res Sea)
Amur Pike ? ? ?
Ayu ? ? ?
Bay Lobster ? Woolly Aphid,Needleworm ?
Bottlenose Squid ? Bat Mite, Bristleworm, Raspberry Moth, Red Cricket, White Mealybug Arabia, Asyut, Bernike (sea), Upper Egypt (Nile)
Camelfish ? Glass Worm, Pickel Slug, Stone Fly Asyut, Giza, Meshwesh Delta, Swenett (lake), Upper Egypt
Carp Common Clearwing, Corn Maggot, Fruit Maggot, Glass Worm, Horned Hookworm, Pickel Slug, Red Cricket, Rose Mite, Rose Swallowtail, Ruby Hornborrer, Salt Mite, Slime Moth, Woolly Aphid Asyut (common), Blue Nile, Giza, Meshwesh Delta (common), Swenett (lake), Thebes (common), Upper Egypt
Catfish Common Corn Maggot, Feather Midge, Horned Hookworm, Mud Asp, Rose Mite, Pickel Slug, Woolly Aphid Blue Nile, Giza, Meshwesh Delta, Red Sea (common), Upper Egypt
Cherry Bonefish ? ? ?
Chromis Common Clearwing, Feather Midge, Fruit Maggot, Horned Hookworm Upper Egypt (common), Meshwesh Delta
Flying Fish ? ? ?
Giant Crayfish ? ? ?
Great Knucklefish ? ? ?
Horned Pigfish ? Clearwing, Feather Midge, Fruit Maggot, Red Cricket, Rose Mite (preferred) Thebes (lake), Upper Egypt (Nile), West Kush (Nile)
Hylian Loach ? Slime moth Swenett pond
Ivory Knifefish ? ? ?
Kingfish ? ? ?
Lima Chub ? ? ?
Malapterurus ? ? ?
Medusafish ? ? ?
Moonfish ? ? ?
Nile Mackerel ? Horned Hookworm, Needleworm, Pickel Slug (preferred) Thebes, Red Sea (sea), West Kush (Nile), Bahariya Oasis (-2550, 5597 @ 11:25p)
Octecs Longfin ? ? ?
Octopus ? ? ?
Orange Spongefish ? ? ?
Otterfish ? Glass Worm, Pickel Slug, Leaf Snapper, Slime Moth Kahun (pond), Upper Egypt (the Nile)
Oxyrynchus Common* Clearwing, Corn Maggot, Glass Worm, Pickel Slug, Ruby Hornborrer, Salt Mite, Sand Mite, White Mealybug Asyut (nile), Bernike (sea), Swenett (lake)
Pancake Loach ? Leaf Snapper, Mud Asp, Fruit Maggot, Rose Mite, Wooly Aphid, Stone Fly, Rose Swallowtail West Kush
Perch Common Bristleworm, Clearwing, Corn Maggot, Feather Midge, Fruit Maggot, Glass Worm, Horned Hookworm, Mud Asp, Needleworm, Pickel Slug, Red Cricket, Rose Mite, Slime Moth, Woolly Aphid Asyut (rarely), Blue Nile, Bernike (common), Swenett (common), Upper Egypt, West Kush (common)
Phagrus Common Bat Mite, Corn Maggot, Fruit Maggot, Glass Worm Giza, Hamim, Upper Egypt, Asyut
Queen Lionfish ? Glass Worm Bernike (sea)
Rainbow Cod ? Corn Maggot, Fruit Maggot, Rose Mite, Raspberry Moth, Stone Fly Elephantine (141, -3578), Upper Egypt, Bernike (2367, -828)
Razorfin ? ? ?
Reticulated Toothfish ? Bristleworm, Corn Maggot, Dew Fly, Feather Midge (preferred), Horned Hookworm Bernike, Red Sea, Thebes
Ribbonfish ? Red Cricket, Sand Mite West Kush
River Crab ? ? ?
Sea Urchin ? Clearwing, Corn Maggot, Feather Midge, Ruby Hornborrer East Sinai, West Kush (Nile)
Serpentfish ? Horned Hookworm, Leaf Snapper, Camel Weavel ?
Shelomits Puffer ? ? ?
Singing Lamprey ? ? ?
Spiny Dogfish ? Orchid Hopper , Corn Maggot, ?
Spoonfish ? Clearwing, Horned Hookworm Swenett (lake), Upper Egypt
Spotted Sea Cucumber ? Fruit Maggot, Wooly Aphid Swenett (lake), West Kush
Striped Batfin ? ? ?
Tigerfish ? Bristleworm Timna (pond 5083, 3900)
Tilapia Common Clearwing, Corn Maggot, Feather Midge, Fruit Maggot, Horned Hookworm, Glass Worm, Pickel Slug, Woolly Aphid Asyut, Meshwesh Delta (common @ 911, 7011), Upper Egypt
Tilefish Feather Midge, Stone Fly, Ash Centipede (small), Rose Mite (small), Skinlicker ?
White Oniontail ? ? ?
Yellowfin Snapper ? Blister Beetle, Slime Moth, Glass Worm, Horned Hookworm, Wooly Aphid Asyut, Bernike (sea), Blue Nile (Lake)

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