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Fishing Event

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Prerequisites to be Able to Fish

Get Fly Fishing from the School of Human Body at any Chariot Stop.

Fly Fishing Skill Cost.jpg

Get Fly Tying from the School of Worship at any Chariot Stop.

Fly Tying Skill Costs.jpg

Where to find details about the Fishing Event

A Controller run event that shows up on the calendar.
The calendar event will turn green when it is actively running
Time remaining for the event shows on the right next to the Date and Time
Watch for news and winners' listings in the Events chat.

Click on the Calendar icon and scroll.
Click on the Eye icon on the left under the title of the Event to see a small story and prize list.

Set Your Time Zone

Set your Time Zone correctly because the calendar time for event start also uses it.


  • You must manually change your Time Zone back one hour in the spring and forward one hour in the fall.
  • For the USA Eastern Time is 0500 (March 8 thru November 1 for 2020) for EDT, but then during EST has to manually be changed to 0400.

A To-Do List before the Fishing Event

1) Select the fly rod in your inventory that you want to use. Deselecting a fly rod (or not having one at all) will cause the fishing icon to not show.
Equip a Fishing Rod.jpg

2) Stand close enough to water so the Fishing Icon shows. Click the lure above the fishing icon to select any lure from your inventory. You can also do this directly from your inventory: find the section of your inventory for Fishing Lure and select the one you would like to use.
Water and Fishing Icons.jpg

3) If you have no lure selected, or your previous lure has fallen apart, the next cast will cue you to select a different lure.

  • Fishing Trials wiki page is a great source to figure out good lures and other fishing info!
  • Find someone that has a high Fly Tying skill to make your lures and gather up the mats, found at Fly Tying.
  • Higher Speed stats make for better fishing, so get your high Speed meals ready.

Helpful things to be a Better fisherman!

Learn how to make better fishing lures at Fishing Lure or ask in chat who can make them for you.

Learn which lures catch the high deben seasonal fish at Fishing Trials.

Under Specializations and Angler Specialization wiki pages there is info that will help you be a better fisherman.
Leveling Angler can help your lure from being lost, increases the size of your catches and +1 quality to any type of fishing pole.

Angler Specialization on Specialization Page.jpg

Work on leveling up your Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Skills. Click the Skills Icon at the top of your screen

Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Skills Bars.jpg

Buy Filleting skills from the School of Worship to get meat from your caught fish
Filleting is NOT a prerequisite to fish.

Filleting Skill Costs.jpg

You will need Insects to make lures.
Buy the Arthropodology skill from the School of Worship.
Check out the wiki page Arthropodology to learn how to level up this skill.

Arthropodology Skill Cost.jpg

How to Check Your Event Points

Once the event begins, click the Player icon, Player Information, Events...
Checking Score for Fishing Event.jpg

NOTE: You probably need to catch more than one or two fish to gain points and be an official Participant. Check your points during the event to make sure you have some.

How Points are Accrued

  • Most fish counts all fish caught by debens.
  • Biggest fish caught is from all types of fish with the highest deben fish.
  • Biggest WhateverFish is the largest of that type fish caught by debens.
  • Most WhateverFish adds up all the debens of that type fish caught.

Note: The old timey fish (Abdju, Carp, Catfish and Perch) are all the same size and will stack in your inventory. The newer seasonal fish come in a larger range of sizes, and each one is listed individually. More specific lures, times of day/night and locations in Egypt show a high variety of sizes in the newer seasonal fish also.

Winners' Reports

The Winners' list is automatically posted in the Events chat.
Fishing Auto Winners Reports.jpg

In case you missed seeing the Winners' Reports or just general chat about the event, it is logged here: