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Fishing Lure

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Fishing Lure
Fishing Lure
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Fishing Lures are used to aide in Fishing.


Must have the Fly Tying skill in order to make them. Anyone can use them.

The skill is accessed via right clicking on the insect in inventory, then selecting which lure to make. (You must have items in inventory for this skill to be visible)


There are 7 kinds of lures available:


Before you can catch any fish, you must first select a lure from those that you are carrying. To do this, bring up your own menu, select "Skills...", "Use Lure...", the type of insect, and then the level of lure.

This type of lure will be used for all subsequent fishing attempts. If you no longer carry any lures of that type, a popup will tell you that you need to use a lure.

Tale 10, there is now a small bar showing the damage the lure takes.

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