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Fly Tying

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Fly Tying is a multi-level skill taught at the School of Worship. It costs 100 Thread and 25 Thorns for the first level.


Allows you to create Fishing Lures for Fishing. Higher tier Lures result in being able to use them for more casts before they break.

Fishing Lures

The skill is accessed via clicking an insect in your inventory > Fly Tying....

Free to use

The following lures are not required for any tuition and can be used to make lures or may be used as feed for Chicken in Tale 10.

  • Corn Maggot
  • Feather Midge
  • Fruit Maggot
  • Horned Hookworm
  • Pickel Slug
  • Rose Mite

Required for tuition

Degree Tuition Fly Type Fly Cost
Zeroth Fresh Lure
First Glazed Lure
Second Preserved Lure
Third Hardened Lure
Fourth Mummified Lure
Fifth Petrified Lure
Sixth Glassified Lure

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