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Flax Growing

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Flax Growing
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The Flax Growing task is started up completion of the Solid Progress task.

The task requires the player to:


Upon completing the entire task, the Flax Processing and Clothwork skills are learned. The ability to rot flax is also unlocked (Skills → Rot flax in the water).

Completion of this task begins the Flax Processing task.


When the task is first started, the player is given 3 Old Egypt Flax Seeds, automatically completing the first step, "Gather some Flax Seeds".

For your first three seeds, it's advantageous to weed two of them to flax, and the third to seeds. The two flax can then be rotted, and in conjunction with the rotten flax reward, you will be in a good position to turn 12 tow into 7 rope, leaving 40 rotten flax for processing on the mainland.

You will be able to "Search amongst the grasses for flax seeds" in the Self > Plant menu, which will yield 3 Flax Seeds:Old Egypt every five minutes following the first five minutes of receiving this task, up until you leave for the mainland.

To turn a seed into a harvestable bed, plant it on grass, wait for 33, click the bed and select Weed this Bed. Wait a further 24 seconds, then select Weed this Bed again. Then wait a further 24 seconds for it to turn into Harvest this Flax. There is a total 15 seconds tolerance after the bed becomes weedable. This means that if you take 43 seconds to weed it the first time, you get a maximum 29 seconds to weed the second time. If you zoom in closely, you will see yellow weeds appear when the bed becomes weedable, and then overrun by yellow weeds when you can harvest the seeds.

To turn a seed into a wild bed to harvest seeds, plant it on grass then wait 48 seconds until it displays Harvest seeds from this wild flax plant.