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Flax Processing (task)

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Flax Processing
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The Flax Processing task is started upon completion of the Flax Growing task.

The task requires the player to:


Upon completing the entire task, the player is rewarded with 50 Rotten Flax.

Completion of this task begins the Building Materials task.


To rot flax in the water, stand next to a natural water source (the river or the lakes; man made water sources such as fountains does not work), then select Skills > Rot flax in the water. If this menu does not appear, either you do not have any Flax in your inventory, or you are not in a suitable place - if so, move around and try again.

The flax can be seen as a buoy in the water, this will initially show with a red flag. Once the flag turns white, you will be able to take it from the water. It takes between 3 minutes 30 seconds and 4 minutes to turn white.

When gathering thorns, make sure you have 60 for the Flax Comb. If you don't have 60, keep gathering until you do.

There is an endurance timer on performing the Flax Comb. Women can usually do all three steps in one burst, whereas men usually have to wait 1–2 seconds to get the third Lint step. The third step of the comb, Lint is not required on the Passage to Egypt island, but you may wish to perform that step and keep the Lint for use later in the game. Note that you will only be able to take a maximum of 50 Lint with you to the mainland.

Once you complete this task, you will be granted 50 Rotten Flax.