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Flax Processing (task)

Clothwork allows the processing of secondary flax products into tertiary products such as Canvas, Linen and Sail using a loom.



Level XP Needed to advance Unlocks
1 50
2 500
3 2000


Action XP Value
Weave Linen on a Loom 10
Weave Canvas on a Loom 10
Weave Wool Cloth on a Loom 10
Re-string Student's Loom 1 (regardless of how many strings break)
Turn a piece of Linen into a Sail 1
Spin 1 Tow into 3 Twine 0 (see Flax Processing)
Spin 1 Lint into 15 Thread 0 (see Flax Processing)
Spin 50 Twine into 10 Rope 0 (see Flax Processing)
Assemble a Canvas Bag 20
Make a Papyrus Basket from Dried Papyrus 21
Steep Wool Cloth in a Tub 3