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Note: There do appear to be dead zones in T10. Or something else is happening that we don't understand yet. -790 (Swenett) : Dead zone

Papyrus comes in two varieties, depending on how it is grown:

Wild papyrus plants were around at the start of the telling, but at this point, any papyrus you come across will have been cultivated by somebody. Taking papyrus that you didn't seed yourself is considered by some to be rude.

It can also be turned into Papyrus Paper or Dried Papyrus and used for multiple items.

Wild Cultivation

In the wild, papyrus is grown by throwing seeds into the Nile, then waiting for them to float downstream (i.e. northward), where they wash up on the riverbank and grow into papyrus plants. Plant seeds on a muddy bank, then look for plants about 10 minutes later about 100-150 coordinates NORTH and on both banks from where you planted it. (This means you should usually plant within 100 coordinates of a bridge or know how to swim.) Both the West Nile and East Nile are valid planting areas. Also note that in some locations it will appear as though there is a "dead spot" where the Papyrus does not grow. This is not the case and is caused by nearby ponds and lakes generally to the east of the section of the nile you were planting in. If you find that there is a large gap, check for lakes and ponds nearby. I have seen papyrus travel as far as 300 (in t6) coordinates inland and sometimes even further. Plants may even travel from Eastern Nile to Western Nile or vice verca, if the distance is short enough between the two streams of water (typically near a river fork).

Note: Do not plant all your pappy at one location. Plant 1 seed every few co-ords (between 2-10 opinions vary), as you run along the river

Papyrus will grow successfully at night.

Note: Kay tested papyrus growing on 4/8/20. Results showed that dropping 1 seed every 5 cords had a 14:1 return ratio for seeds. Dropping 5 taking a few steps and dropping more for a total of 25 seeds had a 3:1 return ratio. Dropping 25 waiting and dropping 25 resulted in a 1:1 return. 2nd test, time of day, do not plant after 3 PM tale time seed return is closer to 1:1 return.

Preferred Locations

T10 players have had bountiful harvests at these latitudes (on the Nile unless stated otherwise):

  • North from -170 (Swenett/Thebes)
  • North from -2250, on the east fork (Upper Egypt)
  • North from -2795, on the east fork (Upper Egypt) - average 124 papy for 10 seeds planted 5 coordinates apart each
  • North from 930,-5430 (Blue Nile, west fork)
  • 1046, 2144 "zFree" (Asyut) - see [[1]] for details

In general, avoid the west fork near Koptos.

Research and Tuition

Required By

Flax Hammock, Papyrus Paper Fabrication

Produced By