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Papyrus Seeds (hf)

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Papyrus Seeds (hf)
Papyrus Seeds (hf)
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Papyrus Seeds (hf) are obtained by drying fertile papyrus (not sterile) in a Drying Rack or Flax Hammock at high altitudes. Seed yield varies based on altitude, the higher the better.

You will also receive around 20 Papyrus Seeds when you attain Grass Harvesting 1 (Skill).

If you don't have any Papyrus seeds currently, ask in your regional chat. Most likely someone will have some they can share with you.

"hf" is short for "handfuls".


Used to grow Fertile Papyrus in the wild or Sterile Papyrus in a Papyrus Tank

Drying Fertile Papyrus for seeds

See the page for Fertile Papyrus for hints.

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