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Sterile Papyrus

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Sterile Papyrus
Sterile Papyrus
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Sterile Papyrus is obtained by growing Papyrus Seeds (hf) in a Papyrus Tank. It is identical to fertile papyrus except that it does does NOT give seeds when dried.

Not to be confused with Fertile Papyrus which is grown along the shores of the Nile and produces both plants and seeds.


As of Tale 5, Sterile Papyrus can be grown in a Papyrus Tank, also known as Hydroponics.

The disadvantages of Hydroponics:

  • The yield of harvested papyrus to seed is significantly lower than when papyrus is grown in the wild.
  • The resulting Sterile Papyrus cannot be used to reproduce seeds, so any papyrus seeds used in the tank are lost.

The main advantage of Hydroponics is to save time:

  • If you're far from the Nile, you don't have to run to and from the Nile to plant, harvest, and dry papyrus.
  • Planting papyrus in a tank takes almost no time.
  • Once the papyrus has finished growing, you can leave it in the tank as long as you want without the chance of it disappearing.


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