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Raeli Gliderport

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Raeli Gliderport
Raeli Gliderport
Small Construction Site
Cost to Build
Concrete 200
Iron Medium Gears 1
Raeli Tiles of any color 150
Silk Cloth 1
Steel Sheeting 45
Steel Wire 20
White Boards 40


A Gliderport is used in the Test of Flight from Art and Music. The Gliderport launches up to five bird-like gliders which bank and soar around the nearby terrain.

The behavior of the gliders can be adjusted by placing invisible pylons in their path.

For a map and list of current gliderports, see Test of Flight page.


Guide from T6: http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale6/Guides/Test_of_Flight


Built within a Small Construction Site (1 Canvas, 4 Rope, 20 Boards)


Additional Gliders

- You will need 1 additional glider to complete the principals. The maximum number of gliders you can have is 5.


Coloured Smoke


Needed to pass the Test of Flight. Also used to help people pass the Test of Judgment.

Gliderports can be given to another player, saving them the expense of building the gliderport base. Doing so clears the gliders' flight paths and the gliderport's voting history, so the new recipient will need to configure the gliders.