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Raeli Mosaic

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Raeli Mosaic
Raeli Mosaic
37 x 28


This building becomes available once you have started the Test of the Raeli Mosaic.


Built in a Compound. Uses 28x37 cells.


Raeli Mosaics are artworks created for the Test of the Raeli Mosaic. After created the Raeli Mosaic frame, you will place Raeli Tiles into the palette and fracture them into odd shapes. Then, you can rotate and fit these shapes together (not unlike a jigsaw puzzle) to create your artwork.

To begin, create your raeli frame in a compound. Some regions may have compounds dedicated to art and Raeli Mosaics, and you may wish to find one to exhibit your artwork in, or even create a new gallery with your friends and guildmates. The "size" of the raeli mosaic you choose will not affect the physical dimensions of the frame, but it will determine how detailed the triangular mesh is, and how many tiles you will need to fill it.

Once you've built your frame, click on the edge of it to bring up the menu. Select Editor to open your palette.

The large, vertical space is a workspace to hold your raeli fragments. When you begin, this space will be empty. At the bottom of the editor, you'll see a list of the raeli tile colors in your inventory. Click one of the tiles to fracture a tile and place it in your workspace. Do this several times to place a variety of fragments in your palette.

Click any fragment to select it. The arrow keys will rotate the piece, and the Discard button permanently destroys it.

Next, click on your mosaic to place the fragment. If you make a mistake, you can simply click it again to pick it up and reposition or rotate it.

You must fill every triangle of the mosaic to open it for judging. Because the smallest fragment is three triangles in size, be sure not to leave any spaces smaller than that.

Finally, note the labyrinth border around the mosaic. When you complete your mosaic and open it for judging, this border will cut off some of the top and bottom of the mosaic, so allow a bit of room around your art to account for this.