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Paint is used to provide color to various projects.


Created in a Pigment Laboratory using various quantities of ingredients. The 11 ingredients are:

The 4 catalysts are:


  • Paint is primarily used as a building material, and in research.
  • You can buy a Paint License in the Desert Nomad Store. When using this it costs 75 paint to paint your warehouse.
Paint License: Permission to paint one warehouse once. Supplied in packs of 5
  • You can use paint to add color to Shop shelves at the cost of 10 paint per shelf.
  • When a building or research requires paint of a non-specific colour (ie, Greenish, or Whiteish), then any paint colour with that non-specific colour in the name will be accepted. For example, Spring Green and Forest Green will both satisfy a requirement for Greenish paint.

Building Count Properties Verified
Gazebo 500 Violet ?
Gazebo 25 Navajo White ?
Gazebo 500 Deep Sky Blue ?
Gazebo 350 Forest Green ?
Gazebo 350 Tomato ?
Gazebo 250 Dark Red ?
Gazebo 250 Slate Blue ?
Ka Tomb 100 Greenish ?
Ka Tomb 100 Blueish ?
Ka Tomb 100 Yellowish ?
Ka Tomb 100 Whiteish ?
Ka Tomb 100 Redish ?
Library of Alexandria 156 Green ?
Library of Alexandria 156 Yellow ?
Modern Sheep Farm 50 White
Serpentarium 20 Aquamarine ?
Serpentarium 30 Indian Red ?
Serpentarium 12 Light Blue ?
Serpentarium 15 Dark Green ?
Silkworm Farm 20 Pale Turquoise ?
Silkworm Farm 20 Turquoise ?

Specific Colours required

Pulse of the People

  • 150 Green Paint
  • 100 Blue Paint
  • 50 Purple Paint

Tomb of the Immortal

  • 100 Gold Paint
  • 200 Maroon Paint
  • 50 Yellow Paint
  • 200 Sky Blue Paint
  • 50 Midnight Blue Paint


  • 20 Aquamarine Paint
  • 30 Indian Red Paint
  • 12 Light Blue Paint
  • 15 Dark Green Paint

Lesser Sphinx

  • 7673 Black Paint
  • 6529 Light Coral Paint
  • 5851 Pale Golden Rod Paint
  • 4523 Sea Green Paint
  • 3307 Violet Red Paint
  • 2129 Saddle Brown Paint

Windsong Tower

  • 105 Blue Violet Paint
  • 105 Crimson Paint
  • 150 Dark Slate Grey Paint

Raeli Mosaic

  • 250 Spring Green Paint
  • 150 Pale Violet Red Paint

Hexaglyph Tablet

  • 100 Orange Paint

Alchemist's Rune Tablet

  • 100 Orange Paint

Phoenix Growing Old

  • 125 Olive Drab Paint
  • 125 Sandy Brown Paint

Phoenix Being Born

  • 100 Sienna Paint
  • 100 Tan Paint

Phoenix In His Prime

  • 97 Indian Red Paint

Phoenix on the Hunt

  • 100 Dark Orange Paint
  • 100 Golden Rod Paint

Phoenix Parting Ways

  • 100 Dark Golden Rod Paint
  • 100 Olive Paint

Phoenix Taking Shelter

  • 100 Dark Grey Paint
  • 100 Dark Khaki Paint

Phoenix Twisting Fate

  • 120 Fire Brick Paint
  • 130 Pale Golden Rod Paint

Research and Tuition


Recipes involving the catalysts are Character Specific and thus will be different from person to person.

Some Base ingredients react with each other, the magnitude and direction of this reaction is also character specific.

Reactionless Paint Recipes involving just the base ingredients that don't react with each other can be used by anyone.

Ingredients and Mixing

There are eleven base ingredients, and each has a starting RGB value, listed below. Note: in earlier tellings, ores were used instead of metals. However, the RGB values are unchanged.

seem to be the same for t10

Ingredient Short Red Green Blue
Cabbage Juice CJ 128 64 144
Carrots Cr 224 112 32
Clay Cl 128 96 32
Copper Cu 64 192 192
Dead Tongue DT 112 64 64
Falcon's Bait FB 128 240 224
Toad Skin TS 48 96 48
Iron Fe 96 48 32
Lead Pb 80 80 96
Red Sand RS 144 16 24
Silver Powder Ag 16 16 32
Catalyst Short - - -
Lime C:Li - - -
Potash C:Po - - -
Saltpeter C:Sa - - -
Sulfur C:Su - - -

List of Known Colors

Paint Reactions

Here is the full table of possible reactions. Every player will have the same Color Reaction according to the table below, but the magnitude of the reaction (between -64 to +63) is avatar dependent.

Updated Reaction Table

CJ Cr Cl DT TS FB RS Pb Ag Fe Cu C:Su C:Po C:Li C:Sa
Cabbage Juice --- B R R R G
Carrots B --- G G R W G B B
Clay G --- B G B R B
Dead Tongue G --- B W W G G B
Toad Skin R B --- B R R
Falcon's Bait W B W --- B R G R W R
Red Sand G W B --- R W W B W B B
Lead R G R R --- R B W
Silver Powder B W --- W G
Iron G G W R --- B W B
Copper G B R R B W B --- W
Catalyst: Sulfur B B R B W W W --- B B
Catalyst: Potash R W W B B --- R
Catalyst: Lime R B R R B --- W
Catalyst: Saltpeter G B B G B R W ---

Sample reactions.txt

Guide/Tools (Updated for T10)

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-zU3pyFG2M

Paint By Numbers

This is an Automato macro that will automatically test your character specific paint reactions, and log them to reactions.txt.

So run this, and take that reactions.txt file and import it into Desert Paint Codex (described below) under File > Profile > Import Practical Paint Reactions... (I had to manually change the file name from reactions to reactions.txt -Tazendra)

Then go to the Recipe Generator tab, and generate your character specific recipes. This will take hours, as it has to test more than a billion possible recipes with the default settings.

Once complete, you can optionally File > Recipes > Copy Paint Recipes to Clipboard to get them in Wiki format which you can put on your User page on this wiki

Desert Paint Codex

  • Desert Paint Codex paint ingredient reaction recorder and simulator. (Formerly "Desert Paint Lab")
    • Features
      • Log your character's paint reactions by automatically scanning the screen.
      • Experiment with inventing your own recipes, using the Simulator.
      • Discover an entire recipe collection, using the Recipe Generator.
      • Maintain multiple character profiles, so you can help out your friends, your loved ones, your game spouse, or your mule team.
    • T10 Windows build now available here.
    • Updates are announced in the ATITD Discord #tools channel.
  • You can also download the Source Code and build it for yourself.