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A Shovel is a reliable blacksmithed metal shovel made on an Anvil. It is superior to the Slate Shovel and Iron Shovel. It does not break and improves digging efficiency based on the quality.


Produced at a Anvil and requires Blacksmithing 1 and Blacksmithing 2



Research and Tuition

Blacksmithing a Shovel

  • Put your metal on your anvil.
  • Your goal is to get a lower dent in the middle, get metal to the back sides and make a flat tongue at the front.
  • Use a Shaping Mallet and try moving the metal from the area which will be the tongue in the end to the middle/back of the piece and then push it to the sides so it ends up with the height you need there.
  • Try using force medium (7) to low (3) to get that done and shift a lot between the model and your work piece.
  • Start at the front part where the tongue will be and try to push metal to the back.
  • Hit in the front, but not the edge because you want the metal. This creates a higher ridge a bit behind the front.
  • Push that back with 2 side strokes / a middle stroke if necessary and repeat.

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