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Blacksmithing 2 (Technology)


An Anvil is used for creating various hammered metal products.

Tip: Build your anvil facing east to west instead of north to south because it will be much easier to work materials on the anvil using cartographer's camera from the camera options menu. The front of the anvil needs to face south (rotate once clockwise).

An anvil is used to create various metal tools by shaping a block of metal into a specific pattern. Using an anvil requires the Blacksmithing tech.

This uses various smithing Tools, each with a different pattern in pushing metal:

The finished products are assigned a quality based on how close they are to the goal. The higher the quality, the more effective the tool, with 9999 being perfect. An anvil can produce the following:

from any of the following metals, with stronger metals allowing more hits before the piece becomes too fragile to work.

If you know Refined Smithery, Diamond Tipped Hatchets may be created from 3 Bronze and 21 Powdered Diamond. Diamond Tipped Hatchets may *only* be made from Bronze, and will not show up on the menu of any other metal.


The Regrade function damages the loaded item and rounds its quality DOWN to the nearest 1000th quality (e.g. Q9157 becomes Q9000) and renames it. The regraded items will stack and can be more effectively sold in a shop.

Anvil Rotation

The way an anvil is rotated is an important decision to make. The default construction site is North-South where the blade end of an object is on the East side: The default anvil rotation is North-South. A Carpentry Blade on it has an edge on the East side

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For details on technique, please check out the Blacksmithing Guide.


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