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Level Requirements Unlocks

Level 0

  • Eat Wild Herbs
Level 1

  • Required to gather Herb

  • Plant Flowers
Level 2
  • Experience: 5800

  • Memorize the techniques of harvesting Wild Herbs
Level 3
  • Experience: 6000


HerbPer deben harvested1
HerbEat from the ground1
MossHarvest a deben from an Aqueduct Tower3

Learning Botany

Botany is automatically learned by identifying 25 different species of plants. Click on a plant to begin the Botany task and acquire Botany level 0. After identifying 25 plants you will advance to Botany level 1.

Foraging Herbs

Clicking on an unknown herb will give its name as "some kind of herb". At Botany level 1, a menu titled "Foraging..." will appear on the herb. If you harvest the herb correctly you will receive 1-7 herbs in your inventory and the plant will disappear. You can look up the correct forage method for all the known herbs in the Herbs reference, or via third-party utilities that provide the ability to search by plant color, stem type, leaves, etc.

Foraging Memory

At Botany level 2, you gain the ability to memorize the proper foraging methods for herbs. To memorize a foraging method one must successfully forage that herb 7 consecutive times, with no errors. If you select an incorrect option, the counter resets, and you must successfully forage it another 7 times.

Eating an herb fresh off the ground does not interfere with the memorization counter.

Once you memorize the forage method for an herb, the sub-menu of forage method options will disappear, and it will be replaced with a menu option that says, for example, "Forage this Wild Lettuce."