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Grain Oven

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Grain Oven
Grain Oven
9 x 9
Cost to Build
Copper Wire 45
Firebricks 120
Slate 40


A Grain Oven becomes available once you have learned the Farming 2 skill.



It uses Wood as a fuel source.

Roasting Details

The Grain Oven burns 5 wood per tick, moving roughly 10% of the barley/wheat/malt from one state to the next, apparently with a random selection of which 'pieces' of grain to cook (advance one stage).

It is generally best to cook large quantities of Barley, Wheat and/or Malt at a time, as small batches may require several ticks to show any progress at all.

A maximum capacity run of 700 barley, wheat and/or malt, plus 300 wood, will produce a fairly even spread of light through burnt roasts. The oven will not operate if it is loaded with more than 1000 debens total of barley/wheat/malt and wood. But you can store up to 1000 wood and infinite amounts of any type of barley, wheat or malt in it.

Any type of barley, wheat or malt may be added or removed at any stage of the process, and you can refire the oven without affecting its yield.

If you have plenty of Barley/Wheat/Malt, you're better off going too dark rather than too light, as you can quickly obtain more of the light roasts, while the dark roasts can take a while. One way to get a large amount of a certain darkness it to continually remove any barley or malt that gets to that darkness, while adding more lighter barley, wheat or malt.

Or to put it another way, if you're going for a specific amount of something, start with more raw than you need because the last few grains take forever to cook, and burn wood all the while.

NOTE: Unless you have a specific need for barley in a cooking recipe, hold off cooking it in the oven; it is more useful converted to malt prior to baking for use in brewing Beer and can not be malted after it is cooked.

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