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Test of the Covered Cartouche

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The Test of the Covered Cartouche
The Test of the Covered Cartouche
(Test - Architecture)

BEWARE GEARBOX REQS CHANGE AT EACH UPROG These reqs were checked at cyrene Uprog

A leader can build alliances. Work with and against others in a series of building and voting rounds. Remain in the contest longer than others to advance.


Players are randomized into groups with 6 participants each. First, a Ceremonial Voting Booth has to be built. Players are eliminated one per day in building and voting rounds. When there are an even number of players left in the group, everybody builds a certain Cartouche building, and the one building the smallest is eliminated; when there are an odd number of players left, everybody votes on somebody else, and the player with the most votes is eliminated. The last two players will advance to level 2 cartouche or if already in level 2, pass the test.

The task

  • Sign up for a contest
  • Group: Build a Ceremonial Voting Booth
  • Build a Covered Cartouche Project (1 Talent Point)
  • Enhance the Project (1 Talent Point)
  • Make it through 3 Build Rounds
  • Make it through 3 Voting Rounds
  • Pass the Test of the Covered Cartouche

The fine print

  • Voting is done at the Ceremonial Voting Booth
  • In each building or voting round, at least one remaining player must build or vote, or the whole group will be eliminated without certificates or passes.
  • Rounds are 24h each, it's easy to miss a building round and get eliminated
  • Eliminated players are still in the group and can read the chat, but cannot build, vote, nor join a new contest until this group has finished.
    • Trying to sign up for a new contest: You are already participating in a contest.
  • The top spot gets two certificates to level 2 for a level 1 group, the second spot gets one. (certificates can be found in one's inventory)
  • One level 2 certificate is used to join a level 2 group
  • The top two spots in a level 2 group pass the test
  • Ties are randomized - if several players don't build, or build the same size, one of those is randomly eliminated, same for votes
  • Size 1 buildings are quite cheap, then the cost increases exponentially, and more rare ingredients are used, as the size increases
  • Test buildings can be salvaged afterwards, or kept as decoration