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Small Center

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Small Center
Small Center
3 x 3
Cost to Build
Boards 30
Nails 10

A Small Center is a building used as part of a shop.


This building becomes available after you have learned the Carpentry 3 (Skill) skill.



Small centers and small corners can be used to build a shop. The owner adds items to the shelves (one per shelf), then defines acceptable trades. For example, a shopkeeper selling a huge ruby might define acceptable trades as 25 cuttable stones, 50 sheet glass, a huge topaz, or a huge diamond. Players can then purchase the ruby using any of those items.

Shelf units can be customized by modifying the trim color. To do so takes 10 db of a single color of paint.

In this example, the trim on the corner is Cadet Blue and the trim on the center is Ruby Red.

Small shelves have a smaller maximum purchasing capacity than large shelves - small shelves are limited to a maximum of 100 Units of a good in trade, while larger shelves can accept up to 500.

Small Shelves also have a smaller maximum stock limit (of goods you wish to vend) than Large Shelves - Small Shelves can hold a maximum of 1,500 units of product, while Large Shelves can hold 5,000.