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Weight 1
Bulk 1


Nails are made in a Forge that has been upgraded with a Nail Mould.


  • 1 Iron makes 12 nails
  • 1 Silver makes 10 Silver nails

Silver Nails ATITD.jpg

Takes 1 minute

Uses for Silver Nails

Uses for Normal Nails

Building Count Verified
Basic House 490
Deep Well 300 ?
Gazebo 3000 ?
Hackling Rake 60
Hive Frame 8
Improved Hackling Rake 60
Ka Tomb 1500 ?
Large Corner 10 ?
Library of Alexandria 400 ?
Library of Alexandria 1250
Loom Frame 80 ?
Medium Beehive 80 ?
Ranch 20
Small Beehive 40
Small Center 10 ?
Small Corner 14 ?
Small Sailboat 100 ?
Stable 20
Stable 8
Storage Barrel 10
Sturdy Brick Mould 36 ?
Technology/Beekeeping/2 20 ?
Thistle Garden 70
Vineyard 25 ?
Wine Barrel 50 ?

Research and Tuition

Required By

Advanced Brick Fabrication, Basic House, Cartouche, Chemistry, Deckle, Deep Well, Deep Well, Gazebo, Gazebo, Gearbox Assembly Table, Hackling Rake, Hackling Rake, Hive Frame, Improved Hackling Rake, Improved Hackling Rake, Ka Tomb, Ka Tomb, Large Beehive, Large Corner, Library of Alexandria, Library of Alexandria, Library of Alexandria, Loom Frame, Master Schooner, Medium Beehive, Medium Beehive, Megalopolis, Obelisk Construction, Ranch, Shop, Small Beehive, Small Beehive, Small Center, Small Center, Small Corner, Small Corner, Small Sailboat, Small Sailboat, Stable, Stable, Stable, Storage Barrel, Sturdy Brick Mould, Sturdy Brick Mould, Technology/Beekeeping/2, Technology/Obelisk Construction/6, Test of Alchemists Rune, Test of Hexaglyphs, Test of Ka, Test of the Covered Cartouche... further results

Produced By

Forge, Master's Forge, Student's Forge