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Storage Barrel

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Storage Barrel
Storage Barrel
Outside or Compound
Boards 20
Copper Strap 2
Nails 10
Small Barrels 1
Tin Sheeting 2

A barrel, allowing storage of buttermilk, sour milk, camel milk, water, and sulphurous water. Requires Cooperage 3 (Skill).

  • Cow Milk can also be placed in a storage barrel, but will still sour.
  • You can only store one type of resource in a barrel.
  • When you add liquids to the barrel, the jugs are returned to you. You will need empty jugs to draw these liquids from the barrel.
  • Stores up to 2,000 deben.


Built Outside or in a Compound

  • Outside: Ground => Projects => Storage => Storage Barrel
  • Compound: Compound => Projects => Storage => Storage Barrel