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Test of the Bijou

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The Test of the Bijou
The Test of the Bijou
(Test - Art and Music)

The regular structure of Hornet's Wing Granite is the key to this Test. A single slab makes enough identical gem-like pieces to allow others to attempt your cut. Which cuts truly require the skill of a master to duplicate?


Test Description

Build a Scholar's Gem Cutting table. Included in the costs is a piece of Hornet's Wing Granite, a stone with a most unusual property: Each slab is of a repeating crystalline structure, meaning that a single slab produces many copies of the same raw gem-like piece. Challenge others to duplicate your design.


Complete the Test of the Bijou by designing a cut gem that others find appropriately challenging. Each person attempting your puzzle will start with the same raw gem that you did.

  • Cut a Queen's Tomb Turquoise (1 Talent Point)
  • Cut a Queen's Tomb Amethyst (1 Talent Point) ?
  • Build a Scholar's Gem Cutting Table
  • Design a Challenge Cut and open it for Judging (1 Talent Point) ?
  • Tear down your Scholar's Gem Cutting Table, OR do the following:
    • Have 7 Judges solve and rate your Bijou
    • Design rated Good by most judges
  • All of the above, OR solve three recent winning Bijou

Additional Information

The Test of the Bijou is the third test available in the discipline of Art. The Test challenges players to create a unique gem cut which other players must duplicate. Once a cut has been set as the "challenge gem", players may attempt the cut again and again, using the same flaws as the original gem. This makes a Student Gemcutting Table an excellent way to practice gem cuts without using cuttable gems.

Passing the Principle

  • You need to have the Lapidary 1 technology to do this test.
  • Build a Scholar's Gem Cutting Table. Once the table is built, design a unique gem cut (no actual cuttable gems are required).
  • Either tear it down or open it for judging and have 7 judges solve and rate your Bijou.

Notes on Bijou Table Ownership

Scholar's Gem Cutting Table belongs to the person that built it. They cannot be transferred. They do not have any ownership menu other than Public/Private. Public allows anyone to change your design. Make the table Private so your design is protected.

The only way to give a table to another is to salvage the table and rebuild.

Passing the Test

The top two Bijous pass each week. See Test Pass History or http://julianatdeltona.com/atitd/PassedTests.aspx

Bijou Locations

Galleries and Museums

Region Coordinates Name Curator Notes
Upper Egypt 626, -1653 Party Palace And Gallery Family Guild 3 bijou

Individual Bijous

Adding to the Map

To add to the map just copy the following line and change it into your values

(PinGrB) 976,6806, Firegolem , Bijou

Just adding to the table doesn't add to the map, you need to add the above line to the CondMap with the others

Maps/Bijou Tables

Region Coordinates Owner Passed? Notes
West Kush 850 -4255 Sabuli No South of VoQ cs
Bernike 3029 -907 cathy No
Upper Egypt 629 -1658 Tazendra No
Upper Egypt 624 -1658 Rauul No
Upper Egypt 629 -1655 Kay No
Red Sea 1820 1957 Jazkar No Near Asyut CS
Red Sea 2031 2006 Djoser No Just East of Avaris CS
Red Sea 2970 -1104 RoaminUmp No Just South of Bernike CS
Meshwesh 1080 7015 Peabody No Northeast of Meshwesh CS