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Cuttable Gems

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Cuttable Gems
Cuttable Gems
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Cuttable gems are semi-precious stones generated by a Water Mine. You can also find them rarely by Prospecting (using a prospecting axe). They come in seven varieties:

The additional cuttables from T8 have been re-introduced in T9 and now come from mining sand or ore in a Mine

Additionally, Morganite can be found rarely from digging Dirt, and Garnet is also available in the cuttables pool from mining.

Cuttable gems are not to be confused with the non-cuttable ordinary Gems (quartz, emerald, sapphire, ruby, diamond, opal, and topaz). These mainly come from ordinary mines but are occasionally produced by Water Mines as well.

Also not Cut Gems which are the product of Cuttable Gems once cut on a Gem Cutting Table.


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