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Salvage Techniques

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Source and Cost

You may only learn from each school once.

School Cost
School of Architecture
School of Art & Music
School of Body
School of Natural Philosophy
School of Thought
School of Worship


Allows you to recover part of the materials of a building when you tear it down. In previous Tellings, it followed a 'diminishing returns' pattern, with some variance for each material.

Level Unlocks
  • Recover 40% of materials
  • Recover 60% of materials
  • Recover 75% of materials
  • Recover 80% of materials
  • Recover 85% of materials
  • Recover 95% of materials

Fractional values will be rounded up that percentage of the time. For instance, if you are at level 3 and you salvage a building with just one of a particular resource, you will get that one resource back 75% of the time.

Buildings that are upgraded (such as the Reactory, Thistle Garden, Kitchen, etc.) will ONLY return the original build cost. You will NOT salvage the materials used in any upgrades.

Salvage Techniques will NOT recover materials from compounds, nor from buildings which are too far degraded to use.

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Further Uses

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At different levels of Salvage Techniques, you can recycle Fishing Junk into usable materials. Some of those are listed below:

Tattered Sail turned into Thread on a Loom: Salvage Techniques 5

Frayed Rope turned into Rope in a Distaff(5 Frayed Rope = 1 Rope): Salvage Technique isn't needed.

Rotten Wood can be searched for insects with Arthropodology 5. Salvage Techniques >3 is required.

Glass Recycling Salvage Level 3

At Salvage Level 3 glass recycling becomes available at a Chemistry Laboratory sub menu Recycling....

Glass recycling menu.png

Glass recycling converts blown glass items into glass dust. The minimum level to recycle glass is Salvage Level 3 but with higher levels more glass dust is produced. Anything that is blown glassware, regardless of sourcing can be recycled.

You choose one item to break, you can also break all of one category, or all of the glass you carry. There are yes/no blocks on categories, and a question to answer if you want to break all the glass you carry.

It takes 8 of the same type of glass dust in a bench at the required temperature for melting glass to increase the glass count by one.

Random amount of Glass Dust per each of the following

  • Soda Glass Dust: Beaker, Distillation Coil, Florence Flask, and Thistle Tube
  • Normal Glass Dust: Barometric Sphere, Test Tube
  • Jewel Glass Dust: Hookah Bowl, Wine Glass

Doing some quick testing with relatively small samples (~10 items per level)

  • Level 3 salvage seems to give 2-3 dust per item.
  • Level 4 salvage seems to give 2-4 dust per item.
  • Level 5 salvage seems to give 2-5 dust per item.

Metal Recycling Salvage Level 4

At Salvage Level 4 a Recycling Smeltery can be built. A Recycling Smeltery melts down metal products from Fly Fishing and Blacksmithing into Iron.