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Test of the Ritual Tattoo

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The Test of the Ritual Tattoo
The Test of the Ritual Tattoo
(Test - The Human Body)

Formulate pigments of rare herbs, resins and crushed gems, combined at a proper location. When presented at the University of the Human Body, a permanent tattoo can be applied.


Test Description

You begin the Test of the Ritual Tattoo.


Turn in four Pigment Mortars. At least one of them must be perfectly complete.

  • Ask for Pigment Mortar Requirements (University of the Human Body)
  • Make a Pigment Mortar
  • Pick up the Mortar
  • Place the Mortar on the ground
  • Add a Fresh Herb to the Pigment Mortar
  • Add a Resin to the Pigment Mortar
  • Add Powdered Gems to the Pigment Mortar
  • Turn in Mortar, perfectly matching any one Requirement

Getting a Good List

Sometimes a list is impossible. The locations may not exist (600 foot elevation with Papyrus). The herbs may be so rare that you don't want to hold up a whole list over it. You should keep requesting lists from Universities of Body until you find one with enough combinations of possible locations and findable herbs.

  • All Universities of Body can be used to get lists. You are not restricted to Universities of Body in your Faction-owned regions.
  • You can get a new list from any University of Body each game month. (So, if you need a new list, you can check your local U Body on the first day of the month to find a new list.)


You'll need the following items:

Principle Walk-Through

  1. Go to any UBody and get a list of requirements. This list will give you 7 combinations of herb, resin, gem, and location. You need to do any 4 of these 7.
    • If you don't like those requirements for whatever reason, you can go to a different UBody and get a different list, but you can only do this once per Egypt month (11 real days), per UBody.
    • If you try to get a list at the same university in the same month, you get a message stating you have to wait till next month. So you cannot see all the lists before picking the one you want.
  2. Find an herb on your list. Set the mortar down beside it and add the herb to the mortar. Rename the mortar so you know which herb it holds.
    • These must be fresh herbs - you cannot use previously picked ones.
    • You must *personally* put the herb in the mortar for the University to accept it.
  3. From this point on, you can add the resin whenever.
    • HINT - Add all the resin it asks for, you won't be able to do more later. Don't hit MAX though, just put in the exact amount asked for.
  4. Go to a location that matches the requirement and add the gem.
  5. Turn in at the same UBody you got the list from.
    • You must turn in mortars in sets of 4 to get the point.
    • You can check your mortars at the UBody to see if you did it right but you only pass the current list if you have all four complete mortars on you.


Mortar Requirements

  • Fresh Butterroot
  • 4 Hawthorn Resin
  • Powdered Diamond
  • On Dirt, Near a Large Stone


  1. First find a Butterroot herb.
    1. Drop the mortar next to it
    2. Click on the herb, add it to the mortar.
    3. (Rename the mortar and) pick up the mortar.
  2. Add four Hawthorn resin.
  3. Go to a place on dirt, near a large stone, and add the powdered diamond.

You now have one complete mortar.


NOTE: "Near a Papyrus Plant" requires planted papy so locate the rest of the requirements near the Nile and then plant papy so it will sprout near your location (you can test if Nile is close enough to other requirement by using Tattoo Helper before planting).

Stop Press: for T10 there have been reports of difficulties finding spots on the Nile near a School that will reliably spawn papyrus plants. Here is one option if you have this requirement: plant 20 or so pappy seed just north of the sand bridge 1346, -6736ish, every 5 coords and then move to the School of Body at 1054, -6580. The papyrus does not spawn on the Nile, but does on the chain of ponds to the west where the School of Body is. <cate 30 Aug 21>

Don't forget to use the Tattoo Helper (image to the right) to determine elevation (requires barometer) and what requirements you are near. You can access it by clicking Self > Tests > Test of the Ritual Tattoo.. > Show Tattoo Helper and then move it to anywhere on your screen.

Good tool for tattoo on Cagiel's site: http://atitd.sharpnetwork.net/tattoo.asp

Useful tool with map feature: http://julianatdeltona.com/atitd/tattoos.aspx

For help with passing the test, check out: https://atitd.wiki/tale10/Tattoos_4_U

To see historical information on how rare each herb is: https://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale7/Herb_Rarities

Passing the Test

You must complete seven sets of four pigment mortars in order to pass the test.

For each set submitted to the University, you will receive a tattoo and a Talent Point.

You can keep submitting mortars past the point where you pass the test. Every complete set will give an extra Talent Point.

Every time you finish 7 sets, the number of mortars that need to be completed increases by 1, so sets 8 through 14 need 5 completed mortars, sets 15 through 21 need 6 completed mortars, and presumably 22 through 28 need all 7 mortars filled


Unlike principle, for the full test you must turn in four complete mortars AT THE SAME TIME. Do not turn them in one by one!

See Test Pass History

Available Tattoo choices:

  • Lily, Worshipped (God), Falcon, Lotus, Hawk, Scarab, Serpent


  • The timeframe for being able to request a second tattoo requirements list from the same UBody is once per Egypt month.