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Resin is produced over time off Trees which have been "nicked" with a Resin Wedge.


If a player has a Resin Wedge in their inventory, the following options will become available:

  • If the tree has never been nicked by a resin wedge:
Nick the (tree type) with your Resin Wedge - Shortcut N.
  • If the tree has previously been nicked and there is resin available:
Gather the resin and nick the (tree type) - Shortcut R
  • If the resin has been collected and there isn't any more available, this message will be in the menu title bar:
Resin oozes from the tree

The amount of time needed for the resin to collect is variable, depending on the Quality of the wedge used. Tree resin is similar to coconuts and dates, where any player may collect it as long as they have a with a resin wedge in their inventory.


Wedge Quality vs. Resin Production Rates

  • 2200 quality takes about 2 hours to produce resin.
  • 5200 quality takes about 1 hour to produce resin.
  • 9000 quality takes about 26 minutes to produce resin.

Hypothesis: a tree produces N resin in approximately N*N * (10500 - wedge quality) seconds:

Quality Time to collect N resin
1 2 5 10
2000 2:21 9:26 59:01 236:06
5000 1:31 6:06 38:11 152:46
8000 0:41 2:46 17:21 69:26
8500 0:33 2:13 13:53 55:33
9000 0:25 1:40 10:25 41:40
9500 0:16 1:06 6:56 27:46

So unless you have a very low quality (<5000) wedge, once 1 resin has accumulated it is always better to gather the resin and re-nick rather than leaving the tree to gather more, even if the tree was nicked with a very high quality wedge originally.

Trees that produce Resins used for Alloys

Trees that produce Resins used for a Ceremonial Knife

Research and Tuition

Required By

Aromatics, Brass, Bronze, Electrum, Metal Blue, Moon Steel, Obelisk Construction, Octec's Alloy, Pewter, Raeli Pottery, Steel, Sun Steel, Test of the Ritual Tattoo, Thoth's Metal, Water Metal

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