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Thorns can be gathered from certain Thorn-Bearing Plants. Harvesting gives a random amount from 1 to 96(+) thorns. After harvesting, there is a wait of 40? seconds before the same plant can be harvested for thorns again.

Once you have learned the Arthropodology skill, each gather from a Thorn bush may generate a crop-dwelling insect.


  • 60 needed to build a Flax Comb
  • 300 needed to learn Foraging level 1 from a School of Worship
  • 25 needed to learn Fly Tying level 1 from a School of Worship

Required By

Fishing Lure/Fresh, Fishing Lure/Glassified, Fishing Lure/Glazed, Fishing Lure/Hardened, Fishing Lure/Mummified, Fishing Lure/Petrified, Fishing Lure/Preserved, Skill/Arthropodology/0, Skill/Fly Tying/0

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