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Flax Comb

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Flax Comb
Flax Comb
Outside or Compound

A Flax Comb is used to process Rotten Flax into Tow and Lint, with a byproduct of Straw. It is a less durable version of the Hackling Rake, Improved Hackling Rake, and Flax Gin.



Built outside or in a compound using the menu option Projects → Flax Related → Flax Comb.

Stat Timer: Endurance

  • Process 1 Rotten Flax into 1 Straw, 1 Tow, and 1 Lint in three steps.
  • Can process up to 10 Rotten Flax at a time.
  • Will wear out with use and eventually require repair (this will happen during the cleaning step). Any stored processed materials will be left in the comb.
  • Since the comb wears out based on the number of cleanings, not the amount of flax processed, it is recommended that you process a full load of 10 Rotten Flax every time.


  • 10 - Lint - 60s
    • 10 - Rotten Flax
  • 10 - Straw - 60s
    • 10 - Rotten Flax
  • 10 - Tow - 60s
    • 10 - Rotten Flax

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