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Wood is one of the most basic and useful resources throughout the whole length of a given Tale.

It is used as a raw material to make Boards, a number of carved items, and transformed into Charcoal.
This is also the early fuel for a number of buildings, from kilns to charcoal-making apparatus.


Wood is gathered from the many Trees present in the world, which act as infinite sources that regenerate over time when harvested.

A very important change from T9 is that the world is now host to oasis, which are basically a cluster of flora including trees and plants, and all linked together. Where previously you gathered wood from each tree, sending it on a fixed base timer, it is now harvested from all the trees in a given oasis at once, sending them on a timer proportional to the harvest. This will yield a message in main stating that "you harvested XX wood from nearby trees". The quantity of wood obtained is variable depending on which tree you harvested in the oasis.

This is an example of Oasis, with 6 trees and 6 plants

Simply put, you will gain the base value of the harvested tree multiplied by the number of trees in the oasis.

The oasis shown above hosts 4 Royal palms and 2 Golden hemlock saplings. Harvesting from a Royal palm will yield 4 base wood time 6 trees for a total of 24 wood. Harvesting from a Golden hemlock sapling will yield 1 base wood time 6 trees for 6 total wood.

Harvesting from an oasis will then send all the linked trees on a regeneration timer depending on the amount of harvested wood. Currently this timer is 45 seconds per wood. In the above examples, harvesting a Royal palm sends the trees on an 18 minutes timer, and 4.5 minutes should the Golden hemlock sapling be chosen.

Advanced harvesting

Hatchets affect wood much as they always have a 1-5 multiplier to the wood harvested, along with an exactly corresponding multiplier to the timer of the trees. Observed values for multipliers are x2 at 7000, x3 at 9000, x4 at 9650. All of these have a chance of gaining +1 to the multiplier, the chance depends on the quality of the hatchet. Please see Hatchet for more details

Higher than base Perception provides a chance at an increase in wood harvested without the corresponding increase in a timer - this is extra free wood, so having boosted Perception on a given wood run will always be worthwhile, though not hugely important. The maximum bonus from Perception is +1 to the multiplier. Each point of perception gives in the region of 10% chance of gaining that buff.

Diamond Tipped Hatchets give the same multiplier to wood harvested, but with a reduced penalty to the time. Rough experiments indicate that the time reduction is in the range of 50%-70%

Offline wood

After 2500 wood has been manually harvested, you will have the option to accumulate it as an offline chore.


Wood is of course harvested from one of the many Trees which are listed on their own page.

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Wood is gathered from Trees. Trees yield 1 to 5 Wood based on the species of tree. The amount of Wood gathered can be increased with the use of a Hatchet as well as an increased Perception stat. Gathering Wood from a tree leaves the tree devoid of Wood for 60 to 300 seconds, again depending on the use and quality of a Hatchet and the harvesting character's Perception stat. The time required for a tree to recover and provide additional Wood can be reduced by fertilizing it with Saltpeter.

Improving Gathering Yields

While in a character's inventory, a Hatchet with a quality of at least 3,000 has a chance of multiplying the amount of Wood gathered by 2 to 5 times the normal amount based on the quality of the Hatchet.

A Perception stat of 1 or higher will occasionally result in additional Wood being gathered, displaying the message With keen Perception, you were able to get a bit more wood, without harming the tree.. The additional Wood yielded is equal to the base amount for the given tree species. A higher Perception stat increases the chance that additional Wood will be harvested.

As a result, possessing both a high quality Hatchet and a high Perception stat will consistently result in the highest yields when harvesting Wood. Perfect results with a high quality Hatchet and the increase from Perception will yield 6 times the base amount when harvesting.

Offline Chore

After gathering 2,500 Wood, the Harvest Wood Offline Chore is unlocked.

Wood Yield per Species

Tree Type Base Yield
Anaxi 1
Arconis 1
Ash Palm 1
Beetlenut 1
Bloodbark 1
Bottle Tree 5
Bramble Hedge 2
Broadleaf Palm 1
Butterleaf Tree 2
Cerulean Blue 1
Chakkanut Tree 1
Chicory 1
Cinnar 1
Coconut Palm 1
Cricklewood 2
Date Palm n/a
Deadwood Tree 1
Delta Palm 1
Elephantia 1
Feather Tree 4
Fern Palm 3
Folded Birch 1
Giant Cricklewood 4
Hawthorn 5
Hokkaido 1
Kaeshra 1
Locust Palm 1
Miniature Fern Palm 2
Mini Palmetto 2
Monkey Palm 1
Oil Palm 1
Oleaceae 1
Orrorin 1
Passam 1
Phoenix Palm 1
Pratyeka Tree 1
Ranyahn 1
Razor Palm 1
Red Maple 1
Royal Palm 4
Savaka 1
Scaley Hardwood 5
Spiked Fishtree 1
Spindle Tree 4
Stout Palm 4
Tapacae Miralis 1
Tiny Oil Palm 1
Towering Palm 5
Trilobellia 1
Umbrella Palm 3
Windriver Palm 1

Research and Tuition

Required By

Arsenic, Banner Construction, Beekeeping, Cart, Cistern, Cotter Pin, Crudely Carved Handle, Fungus Farm, Hive Frame, House Flag, Mirrored Pyramid, Mouldboard Plough, Pyrolysis, Ranch, Ranching, Sacrificial Bonfire, Skill/Carving/0, Stone Knife, Technology/Beekeeping/1, Technology/Pyrolysis/1, Technology/Pyrolysis/3, Technology/Ranching/1, Technology/Sign Construction/1, Test of Ka, Test of the Hand of Ra, Throne of Pharaoh

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