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Nekojin, posing for his audience

Greetings, and welcome to my humble home page. I'm Nekojin, and I'll be your host.

I've played Tale a number of times over the years, including Tales 2, 3, 4, and 7. I'm mostly interested in Tests for the Disciplines of Art & Music and Natural Philosophy, with a few exceptions like Tests of Vigil and Singing Cicada.

I run a few specialized Guilds. The first is Vigilant Visions, a guild dedicated to The Test of Vigils (even though it's not much of a Test this time around). The second guild I run is Fire On High, a guild dedicated to the Test of Pyrotechnics (AKA Pyro). Please feel free to check the pages for those if you're interested in either of these subjects!

Current Progress

Architecture - Initiation Done

Art & Music - Initiation Done (by Votes)

Body - Initiation Done

Natural Philosophy - Initiation Done

Thought - Initiation Done (By Lazy Completion)

Worship - Pending