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Test of the Singing Cicada

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The Test of the Singing Cicada
The Test of the Singing Cicada
(Test - The Human Body)

Use your eyes and ears to locate elaborate and beautiful cicada cages hidden by other explorers. You may take a single animal from each cage, and when you have collected enough, build a colony of your own.

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Test Description

In the Test of the Singing Cicada, you'll be honing your skills by quickly finding an ever-changing collection of Singing Cicadas hidden in cages across the land. Score points each time you find a Cicada cage, and automatically spend them when you advance to gain Talent Points by having the highest score in Egypt. When you find enough Cicadas, place a cage of your own for an effortless and continuous stream of points.


Test of the Singing Cicada (task)

Additional Information

The Test of the Singing Cicada is a test in the discipline of the Human Body. The test focuses on exploration, particularly of remote or hard-to-reach areas in Egypt.

You must go to a University of Body and hand over a certain amount of cicadas you have found for the scientists to give you a cage to build. Usually it takes 7 cicadas to do this, but the number can change based on how many cicadas are out in the wild. All Universities of Body can give you a cage, regardless of what faction they are supporting.

You cannot carry more than 21 cicadas on yourself. If you do carry 21 of them, you will be told you have to go to a university of Body to fashion a cage.

A cage costs 1 Linen and 4 Boards to build in addition to the cage you get from the University. You cannot build near steep terrain.

You have the above options for cages. Sometimes two or more cages are built on top of each other so it is good policy to "Move the Nearby Cage." under Self -> Tests -> Test of the Singing Cicada.

Finding Cages

At the start of tale, there are seed cages placed by The Stranger.

Cages can be found in every region. In t10 there appears to be no restrictions on which faction's lands you can place cages.

Cicada Cage sounds appear to be attached to Building sounds. If you wish to find cicada cages, ensure that your have Building sounds enabled. Cicada cages are audible from 64 coords away, although at that distance the sound is very quiet.

Passing the Principle

Hidden across the Egyptian landscape are dozens of Cicada Cages, detectable mainly through the continuous chirping sounds they emit. A player who comes across a cicada cage is allowed to take a cicada from it (provided the player has signed up for the Cicada test). When a player has collected enough cicadas, he may build and place a cicada cage of his own. Cages crumble and are gone after 7 players have discovered them and removed a cicada.

Cicada points are earned both by finding other players' cages (a single bonus for each cage found) and by building your own (points earned continuously for as long as your cages survive). Every 3 Egypt days, the 21 players with the highest scores receive a Talent Point. They then all lose cicada points equal to the 21st player's score. (In effect, the 21st player's score determines how much it "costs" to "buy" a Talent Point that day.) Players complete the test when they have received 7 Talent Points.

NOTE: Talent points replaced speed points.

Silenced Cicada Chirps

Part way through Tale 8 a method of silencing the continuous cicada chirp was introduced as part of the T8 Cheese System. Baramily cheese when applied to a cicada cage silences the chirp.

There are a number of unknowns about the effects of giving cheese to insects.

  1. Duration of the silence
  2. Application to your own cages
  3. Application to another player's cages
  4. How the age (potency) of the cheese affects the silence
  5. Any negative effects from applying the cheese to the cage
  6. Offsets to the increased difficulty in finding silenced cages
  7. Why someone would ever go to so much work to do such a thing as this

Talent Points

Talent Points are allocated depending on the number of advances you achieve. Confirmation of how many points you receive and when goes here

It is possible to receive more than one advance in a day.

  • For example, if you have 15,000 points and the advances cost 5,000 points then you will gain three advances.
  • For example, if you have 460,000 points and the advances cost 20,800 points each, then you will gain 22 advances (457,600 points) and keep 2,400 points for the next round of advancements. It is verified that you can get more than 21 advances in a single go. However, you will not get any more than 7 Talent Points.

Passing scores each day are posted here: https://www.desert-nomad.com/Tests/Cicada

The Ultimate Challenge

Advancing 100 times is one of the Stranger's Ultimate Challenges. Should you achieve this, your deed will be announced and you will gain all of the rights, privileges, and bragging rights that this entails!


If you have a hearing impairment that causes you problems with detecting and triangulating the cicadas, the following software may help you:

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