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Test of Alchemists Rune

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The Test of Alchemists Rune
The Test of Alchemists Rune
(Test - Thought)

A series of ancient tablets, inspired by Thoth himself, have been unearthed. If deciphered, these tablets could reveal the secrets of the philosopher's stone and life itself. Mastering this code is the first step to discovering the secrets that Thoth graced our ancestors with.

Test Description

Design a tablet of interlocking Alchemists Rune, some of which can be locked in place. Those that attempt your challenge will see the glyphs in random orientations and positions. They must reposition them to again interlock.


Build an Alchemists Rune Table, and create a puzzle of interlocking glyphs.

  • Build an Alchemists Rune Tablet
  • Open the Tablet for Judging
  • Tear down your Alchemists Rune Tablet, OR do the following:
    • Have Seven Judges solve and rate the puzzle
    • Design rated Good by most judges
  • All of the above, OR solve three recent winning Alchemists Rune Tablets


Build in a Compound. Uses 3x15 cells.

Solving an Alchemist's Rune Tablet

The object of the puzzle is to place colored squares on a 10x10 grid according to the clues you are given.

Left-click a square in the grid to mark it. Right-click the board to select a color, or to check your solution.

Alchemists blank.jpg

Clues appear in the Across and Down windows. These correspond to the rows and columns on the board.

The numbers in the Across and Down squares indicate the number of consecutive squares of that color in the solution. For example, if a blue "4" appears in the Across window, you know that there will be 4 blue runes in that row on the grid.

In the example above, the first Across row contains 2 magenta runes, then 1 blue runes, then 1 white runes, then 2 more magenta runes. However, there may be blank spaces between some of those sets.

When you have completed the puzzle, right-click the board and choose "Check Solution". If your solution is correct, you can then rate the puzzle.


  • Open the color selection panel by right-clicking the board, then click the pushpin icon to pin it open.
  • The Across and Down windows show the number of consecutive squares, but they don't show how many blank squares are between them. For example, a row that reads 23 might have 3 blank squares, then 2 magenta runes, another blank square, then 3 blue runes.
  • Any row or column that adds up to 10 has no blank squares, and requires no guesswork. In the example above, the rightmost columns in the Down window add up to 10, and can be entered immediately into the grid.
  • Refer to both the Across and Down windows when placing runes on the grid. If you know a row has 5 white runes, but you're not sure which column to start in, check the Down window to see which columns have white runes.
  • If there are two or more adjacent numbers of the same color in the clues (e.g., 22, that means there's at least one blank space between each set.

User:Sabuli/Runes (Some detailed explanations of first steps)


Alchemists Rune Tablet Locations

Region Coordinates Owner Passed? Notes
West Kush 844 -4255 Sabuli No Voq cs
Red Sea 2021 2006 Telanoc No Avaris cs
Bernike 2971 -1105 RoaminUmp No Sharuhen cs
Red Sea 1823, 1957 Jazkar No Near Avaris cs
Bernike 2970 -912 Ebony No Sharuhen cs

Adding to the Map

To add to the map just copy the following line and change it into your values

(PinYeA) 1820, 1989, Al-Bilal, Alchemist Rune

Just adding to the table doesn't add to the map, you need to add the above line to the CondMap with the others

Alchemists Rune Tablets Maps

Adding to the Map

To add to the map simply copy and add

(PinGr) 1820, 1989, (Al-Bilal, Alchemist Rune, 1820, 1989)

to the list.

Just change the name and the coords to your own. When you pass please change the PinGr to PinYe