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Bag Lunch

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Bag Lunch
Bag Lunch
Weight 1
Bulk 1

A Bag Lunch is a form of preserved, portable food that stays fresh for up to 4 Ducktime hours. Requires Cooking 3 (Skill) and Preservation 0 (Skill).




A Bag Lunch is created when you use the Preservation skill to create a takeaway Bagged Lunch of a given recipe in a kitchen. A Bag Lunch will stay from for 4 ducktime hours from when it is packed, or whenever the food in the kitchen would have expired, whichever is earlier. Preserved food has lower stats - by about 25% - than the recipe eaten at a kitchen, though the same duration. Packing a lunch costs 3 Papyrus Paper as well as 1 serving of food per Bag Lunch packed. Unlike its cousin the Box Lunch, the Bag Lunch packaging is *not* reusable and is discarded when the lunch is eaten or the food inside is emptied.

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