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Box Lunch

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Box Lunch
Box Lunch
Weight 1
Bulk 1

A Box Lunch is a form of preserved, portable food that stays fresh for up to 24 Ducktime hours. Requires Cooking 3 (Skill) and Preservation 0 (Skill).




A Box Lunch is created when you use the Preservation skill to create a takeaway Boxed Lunch of a given recipe in a kitchen. A Box Lunch will stay edible for 24 ducktime hours from when it is packed, or whenever the food in the kitchen would have expired, whichever is earlier. Preserved food has lower stats - by about 25% - than the recipe eaten at a kitchen, though the same duration. Packing a lunch costs 1 Bottle Stopper, 1 Jug and 1 serving of food per Box Lunch packed. Unlike its cousin the Bag Lunch, the Box Lunch packaging *is* reusable, and an empty Jug and a Bottle Stopper are returned to your inventory when the lunch is eaten, or the food inside is emptied using Skills/Empty/Box Lunch.

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