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If all the mushrooms in a wild spawn are not picked, that mushroom will continue to spawn there, as long as the conditions remain suitable. All the old-style shrooms (Tales 1–8) effect ecology slowly.. so they SHOULD stay in the same area for a while unless the players picked them all clean. Picking them clean means the system starts over finding proper terrain/eco, so it may not pick the same spots if the type is common. So leave 1 or 2 and don't take all. If there are fewer than 8, take all as they will not re-spawn.

Mushroom Varieties

Time source: Shroomdar page

Mushroom Terrain (T8 Notes) T9 Spawn T9 Despawn Pic
Acorn's Cap Mushroom 5:00 AM 6:31 AM Acorncap.png
Badger Badger Sandy, grass areas near water. Land was not fit for growing. 2:00 PM 4:36 PM BadgerBadger.png
Barley Bowl Sandy dunes in groups of 2–5. Last seen Blemmyes 2846, -5406 Year 2, II-24 2:00 PM 4:36 PM Barley Bowl.png
Beehive Mushroom 8:00 AM 4:36 AM Beehive.png
Bleeding Hand Mushroom Near Rocky Hills, found near Iron Knots in E. Kush 2296, -5226 Year 2, II-24 9:00 AM 10:30 AM BleedingHand.png
Brain Mushroom Rocky 5:00 PM 7:36 PM Brain.png
Camel's Mane Mushroom Grassy hills, sides and top 1:00 AM 2:30 AM CamelMane.png
Campanella Sand (deep desert). Clusters of 5. 4:00 PM 6:35 PM Campanella.png
Carrion Mushroom Near mountains on Grass/Dirt, maybe near water 12:00 PM 1:31 PM Carrion.png
Cat Nip Mushroom 5:00 PM 7:36 PM CatNip.png
Cobra Hood Mushroom Near Rocky Hills 9:00 AM 10:31 AM CobraHood.png
Colt's Foot Mushroom 10:00 AM 11:31 AM Colt'sFoot.png
Crows Beak Clusters of 4. Often found among Fruit of Horus spawns. 6:00 AM 8:36 AM Crowsbeak.png
Dead Tongue Mushroom flat grassy or sandy, near water 5:00 AM 6:31 AM DeadTongue.png
Dueling Serpents Mushroom flat, hill Sand (in pairs) 7:00 AM 8:31 AM DuelingSerpents.png
Dung Rot Mushroom 3:00 PM 4:46 PM DungRot.png
Earth Light Mushroom 11:00 AM 12:31 PM EarthLight.png
Eye of Osiris Mushroom 11:00 PM 12:31 AM Eye of Osiris.png
Falcon's Bait Mushroom Grassy plains 11:00 PM 12:31 AM Falcons Bait.png
Fish Hook Mushroom 1:00 PM 2:31 PM FishHook.png
Flat Found near mines 7:00 PM 9:36 PM Flat.png
Fruit of Horus Mushroom 6:00 AM 9:21 AM FruitOfHorus.png
Golden Sun Mushroom 9:00 AM 10:36 AM GoldenSun.png
Hairy Tooth Mushroom 1:00 PM 2:31 PM HairyTooth.png
Heart of Ash Mushroom 3:00 AM 4:31 AM HeartOfAsh.png
Heaven's Torrent Mushroom Two found on an Island in Gebel 8:00 PM 9:36 PM HeavensTorrent.png
Iron Knot Mushroom Rock/sand hills/cliff 9:00 AM 10:31 AM IronKnot.png
Limphonus Mushroom Grass/sand in groups of 3 4:00 PM 6:01 PM Limphonus.png
Marasmius 10:00 PM 12:36 AM Marasmius.jpg
Morel Mushroom 2:00 AM 4:36 AM Morel.png
Moses Basket Mushroom 2:00 AM 4:35 AM MosesBasket.PNG
Nature's Jug Mushroom 4:00 AM 5:36 AM NaturesJug.png
Nefertari's Crown Mushroom 10:00 AM 11:46 AM NefertarisCrown.png
Nile Fire Mushroom 12:00 PM 1:31 PM NileFire.png
Orange Campanella 11:00 PM 12:31 PM Orange Campanella.png
Peasant's Foot Mushroom 3:00 AM 4:31 AM Peasant Foot.png
Pool of Tranquility Mushroom 3:00 PM 5:01 PM PoolOfTranquility.png
Ptah's Pimple Mushroom 7:00 AM 9:36 AM Ptahspimple.jpg
Ra's Awakening Mushroom 6:00 PM 7:31 PM RasAwakening.png
Razor's Edge Mushroom Steep Cliffs? 9:00 PM 10:36 PM RazorsEdge.png
Salt Water Fungus 10:00 PM 12:36 AM SaltWaterFungus.png
Sand Spore Mushroom Sand 8:00 AM 9:31 AM SandSpore.png
Schizophyllum 7:00 PM 9:36 PM Schizophyllum.png
Scorpion's Brood Mushroom 11:00 AM 12:31 PM ScorpionsBrood.png
Slave's Bread Mushroom 6:00 PM 7:31 PM SlavesBread.png
Spiderling Mushroom 10:00 PM 12:36 AM Spiderling.jpg
Sun Star Mushroom 8:00 AM 8:31 AM SunStar.png
Toad Skin Mushroom Grassy, Hills 1:00 AM 2:30 AM ToadSkin.png
Twirls Mushroom Sand (T9) 8:00 PM 10:30 PM Twirls.png