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Wild cows can be found randomly on grassy areas throughout Egypt. There appear to be different breeds, as both brown and black/white varieties have been seen.


The options you see on the cow will depend on the items in your inventory. Once you take an option, the cow will disappear.

  • Milk: If you are carrying empty Jugs or Canvas Bags, you get the option to milk the cow. The amount appears to be 3-4 Cow Milk (if you have enough containers).
    • Message: The udders don't have any Milk in them.
  • Slaughter: If you have a Stone Knife or better, the option to slaughter appears. This may not work, and the cow may run away.
  • Tickle: If you have an Ibis Feather, you can tickle the cow.

Slaughtering a cow gives:


  • You have achieved: Milked a Cow
  • You have achieved: Tickled a Cow

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