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Cow Milk

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Cow Milk
Cow Milk
Weight 2
Bulk 1


As a general rule, actions that require milk (such as making Butter) merely empty the container, and do not use up the container itself. When "Cow Milk" is required as a research donation, or a tuition for skills, these generally use up the container as well as the milk.


A Jug or Canvas Bag filled with Cow Milk.


Filling a jug adds 1 to its weight.

Clicking on a Cow can give the option to milk the cow, if empty jugs are in your inventory. The amount of milk received depends on the Milking Techniques skill level.

While carrying Cow Milk, there is an option in your "Skills..." menu, "Empty Containers...", to dump the milk and get the containers back.

Milk can be used to make Butter and Buttermilk in a Butter Churn or Cheese in a Creamery

After a while, Cow Milk will turn into Sour Milk.

Research and Tuition