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Weight 1
Bulk 1

NOTE TO NEW PLAYERS: To produce Wet Clay Jugs requires clay; but to gather clay you need a Canvas Bag. To get started, you can make Canvas on a Student's Loom and then finish making a Canvas Bag on the Crafting Bench, or you can trade for some initial jugs with another player.

See also: Full Water Container


Used to carry Water, or Salt Water, Sulphurous Water, Cow Milk, Sour Milk, and also needed to gather Clay. Requires Pottery 1 (Skill)


Fire in a True Kiln:


Water action icon

While standing near a source of water with empty jugs in inventory, you get the "fill container with water" action icon. Using that icon will turn your Jugs into Jugs of Water.

While carrying Jugs of Water there is an option in your "Skills.." menu "Empty Jugs.." to get the empty jugs back.

Research and Tuition

Required By

Box Lunch, Full Water Container, Modern Sheep Farm, Modern Sheep Farm

Produced By

Steam Kiln, True Kiln