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This article is about the (non-cuttable) gems primarily produced from ore and sand mines. See also Cuttable Gems. Gems in Egypt come in different varieties and sizes.

Gem Types

Historically, every mine in a region provides the same gem. Please list the region you find any of the gems in below:

  • Diamond - Abydos, East Sinai, Faiyum, Philae, Ammonium
  • Emerald - Damot, Giza, Pwenet, Swenett, Red Sea
  • Opal - Asyut, East Kush, Lahun,
  • Quartz - Arsinoe, Blue Nile, South Sinai, Nabta Playa
  • Ruby - Bernike, Napata, Zau
  • Sapphire - Kerma, Thebes, Upper Egypt, Kharga Oasis, Bitter Lakes
  • Topaz - Meshwesh Delta, Naqada, West Kush

Gem Sizes

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Huge


Obtained from Ore and Sand Mines throughout Egypt. Also randomly produced much less efficiently by Water Mines

See Maps/Public Mines for a map of most public (sand) mines.

Public Sand Mines

Gem Type Coords Region Sponsored By Notes
Gem 0,0 region playername Notes
Topaz 1991, 2110 Naqada Blueberry Pancakes near Avaris cs
Topaz 1048, -4088 VoQ GoMyL 170 coords from VoQ cs
Sapphire 514, -2085 UE Amanti Next to the Amigos public mines
Diamond 498, -4088 Philae Amigos
Ruby 3369,-862 Bernike Happies
Emerald 1980,2085 Red Sea Rey near cs, near Naqada Topaz mine
Emerald 4000, -675 Pwenet Qwu
Sapphire -1327, 4525 Kharga Oasis blondie 300 coords from cs but near the Nabta Playa mine
Quartz -1351,4509 Nabta Playa blondie 300 coords from cs but near the Kharga mine
Opal -1191, 4687 Lahun Rosenfeuer near CS Kahun
Opal 3674, 6872 West Sinai KayGee Near UBody


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