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Grilled Fish

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Grilled Fish
Grilled Fish
Weight 1
Bulk 1


Grilled Fish is any Fish Meat grilled in a Firepit.

To eat, right click on Grilled Fish in your inventory and then Consume.



Simple and portable, Grilled Fish provides a small temporary (10 minute) bonus of +1 Endurance when eaten.

As meals do not stack, the bonuses from eating grilled food will replace any meal-related bonuses and penalties that were already in effect (from a Kitchen meal).

A grilled vegetable or fish now stacks with another type (i.e. eating a grilled onion and then eating a grilled cabbage will give you +2 speed and +2 endurance). However, eating two vegetables of the same type does not stack (i.e. eating 2 grilled onions gives +2 endurance, NOT +4)

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