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Grilled Food

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Fish Meat and vegetables can be grilled in a Firepit using a sharpened stick to produce grilled food. Simple and portable, grilled food provides a small temporary (10 minute) bonus to attributes when eaten. As meals do not stack, the bonuses from eating grilled food will replace any meal-related bonuses and penalties that were already in effect (whether from a Kitchen meal or from other grilled food).

To eat some grilled food, choose "Skills" from your main menu and then "Consume".

Grilled Fish and Veggie Stats

Base Food Stat Bonus
Grilled Fish (any type) +1 Endurance
Grilled Onions +2 Endurance
Grilled Cabbage +2 Speed
Grilled Carrots +2 Perception
Grilled Garlic +2 Focus
Grilled Peppers +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity
Grilled Cucumbers +2 Strength
Grilled Eggplant +2 Dexterity
Grilled Watermelons +2 Constitution

10 minute timer on each.

A grilled vegetable does stack with another type, so long as that type gives a different bonus.

Remember that you must fillet a fish before the meat can be grilled.

Leeks are not grilled. They are burned directly in the firepit to produce ash.

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