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Sharpened Stick

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Sharpened Stick
Sharpened Stick
Weight 1
Bulk 1


A sharpened stick is one of the simplest Carving projects, merely a piece of wood shaped to a point using a knife.


30 second Focus timer between whittles.


  • 1 needed to poke a player in the back by clicking on them and choosing "Poke with a sharpened stick." This consumes the stick.
  • 1 needed to stoke a Firepit. This may consume the stick.
  • 1 needed to assemble Simple Fly Rod
  • 1 needed to assemble a Dowsing Rod

Research and Tuition

Required By

Canvas Bags, Dowsing, Night Sky Table, Pyrolysis, Skill/Fly Fishing/0, Technology/Dowsing/1, Technology/Pyrolysis/1, Whisperer's Fly Rod

Produced By