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Small Distaff

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Small Distaff
Small Distaff
Outside, Compound
16 x 9
Cost to Build
Boards 12
Bricks 100
Wood 10

The Small Distaff is a basic flax processing device, primarily used to transform tow and lint into more advanced resources.


This building becomes available once you have learned Flax Processing 0 (Skill).


Built Outside or in Compound. Uses 9x16 cells.


  • Spin up to 100 Lint into Thread (Yields 15 Thread per 1 Lint @ 1 Teppy Minute per 1 Lint loaded).
  • Spin up to 100 Tow into Twine (Yields 3 Twine per 1 Tow @ 1 Teppy Minute per 1 Tow loaded).
  • Spin up to 100 Twine into Rope (Yields 1 Rope per 5 Twine @ 1 Teppy Minute per 5 Twine loaded).
Spin up to 300 Twine into Rope if you don't unload the distaff after spinning Tow into twine.
  • Spin up to 100 Wool into Yarn (Yields 10 Yarn per 1 Wool @ 1 Teppy Minute per Wool loaded).
  • Spin up to 100 Steel Wire into Cable, providing unit has been upgraded with a Pinch Roller .
  • Spin up to 100 Thread into Linen Cord (Yields 1 Linen Cord per 100 Thread @ 1 Teppy Minute per 100 Thread loaded).
Spin up to 1500 Thread into Linen Cord if you don't unload the distaff after spinning Lint into Thread.

A full load of 100 resources will take 100 teppy minutes or 1h 50m real time, to spin.

May be left running while offline.

You can stop the Distaff while its running and remove any materials it has already created and restart it. You will not be able to restart the Distaff if there are two different end products in it.

There is also a Large Distaff, which is used identically, but can process 300 deben of each resource, instead of 100 (requires Flax Processing 2 and Stonework 3).



  • 3 - Twine - 60s
    • 1 - Tow

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