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Beer Kettle

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Beer Kettle
Beer Kettle
Cost to Build
Brass Pot 1
Copper Sheeting 4


A Beer Kettle is a building used for the brewing of Beer.

A Beer Kettle may be picked up by its owner (using the "Pick up the Kettle" option). It then appears in inventory as a Beer Kettle Kit, and can be dropped again at a new location. Dropping the Beer Kettle Kit "builds" the kettle at the new location. In other words, your kettle will not disappear over time, so make sure you keep track of where you drop it!


This building becomes available after you have learned the Beer Brewing 0 (Skill) skill.


Using a Beer Kettle enables two recipes: Beer and Yeast Test.

  • Beer is just what it sounds like: this is the option to brew a (hopefully) drinkable beer with ingredients. Selecting this recipe starts a 1200-second countdown for the brewing phase of the process, followed by a 2400-second countdown for the fermentation phase, after which the results of the brew can be checked. The entire process takes about 60 minutes. See the Beer Guide for detailed information on how this all works.
  • Yeast Test is used when you want only to view the microbes present at your kettle location. It is identical to the Beer option but without the brewing phase, starting with the fermentation phase countdown. Because the brewing phase is skipped, no ingredients are added, and the whole thing takes just 40 minutes to complete, so you can check your results sooner. See the Yeast Testing Guide for full details.

Both recipes require an initial 60 Wood and 25 Water to start the kettle. No stoking is required.

You will need a small barrel in your inventory to check your brewing results at the end. No barrel is required to obtain Yeast Test results.